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Honorary Doctorate Arouses Widespread Controversy In Malaysia

A Curtin graduate apparently tore up her Curtin certificate in protest

An honorary doctorate is a high level academic honorary degree that an university confers to a recipient and exempts them from the normal requirements for that academic degree. The degree is given to honor the recipient and also benefits the university or degree-giving institution by association. Recipients’ qualifications may range greatly. They can have no relationship to the school, no ...

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Reunion With My Teacher And Classmates

Me with Ms Yii, Poh Choo and Siew Hung

Facebook is a great tool for social networking and I’ve enjoyed catching up with old friends. Many people who have had near-death experiences say that they saw their lives flash right before their eyes. Well, this is a bit like how I’ve felt when it comes to my Facebook encounters. Thanks to this site, I’ve reconnected with people whom I ...

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Hakka “Sexy And I Know It” Goes Viral

The Synergy Dance Studio group in the clip

A Hakka Chinese New Year video has gone viral on YouTube, attracting more than 370,000 views since it was uploaded on January 22. The Sabah-made video was directed by photographer-cum-artistic dance assistant Skyler Liew, 30. It was shot using a Pentax DLSR camera at various locations around Kota Kinabalu a day before Chinese New Year and featured dancers from the ...

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Thank You Lord For Answering My Prayers

Sophia with her daughter

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I left Miri at about 9.30 am this morning, arriving at Empire Country Club & Hotel at about 11.15 a.m. As I do not know the way to Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC), I had made arrangement with Ken Cho, my best buddy in Brunei, to pick me up at Empire and send ...

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