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Magician Rich Ferguson’s Halloween Prank

In the spirit of Halloween, magician Rich Ferguson took to the streets of San Luis Obispo, California, determined to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting public with his head-drop prank. Upon seeing his head-drop trick, unsuspecting onlookers screamed, gawked, and, in a few cases, ran away in terror. Ferguson is no newbie when it comes to pranks. He’s been ...

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Ramon Bruin’s Anamorphic 3D Drawings

A clever use of a  candle as a  prop really helps to bring life to thestatic drawing

A 31-year-old Netherlands-based artist is creating startlingly realistic 3D illustrations that appear as if they are coming right off the paper all with the help of a pencil and a vivid imagination. Ramon Bruin developed the technique he calls anamorphosis through his experiments in airbrushing, a style he studied at the Airbrush Academie in Lelystad, Netherlands, and promotes through his ...

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Is Gnesa Agnes The Worst Singer In History?

Gnesa Agnes

If you think Rebecca Black‘s “Friday, Friday” was atrocious, wait till you listen to Gnesa Agnes. YouTube wannabe Gnesa is seriously challenging Rebecca Black for the title of “Worst Singer In History” with her rendition of “Wilder” that features chorus “la la la la laaaaahhhh” Basically anyone with functioning ears would rank Rebecca way above Gnesa. But what the heck? ...

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Is Alma Deutscher The Next Mozart?

Young musician Alma Deutscher, pictured playing the violin at the age of six, has been compared to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Alma Deutscher is just seven but music lovers are already comparing her to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Surrey schoolgirl can play piano and violin beautifully and has even composed an opera.She has her own YouTube channel to showcase her talents and actor Stephen Fry is among her growing legion of admirers. Fry has twitted about Alma: ‘Simply mind-blowing: Alma Deutscher ...

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You Need to Toughen Up A Bit

A frowning Gabriel fiddles awkwardly with his hands and bites his lip as big sister Delilah tells him off

One-minute video clip entitled You Need to Toughen Up A Bit featuring four-year-old Delilah O’Donoghue reprimanding her two-year-old brother Gabriel has gone viral on YouTube, attracting more than a million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on October 9. The clip shows Gabriel receiving the dressing down from his sister after he found himself in hot water with their ...

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Hilarious Video Of Twins Having A Pasta Nap

Sleep vs Tasty Spaghetti

After a long morning of playing in the pool and building sand castles on the beach, 22-month-old twins, MJ and AJ, battled hard to stay awake to finish their spaghetti lunch which they were really enjoying. It was a match between Sleep v.s. Tasty Spaghetti……..and Sleep won! The video of the twins ‘falling asleep while eating’ uploaded to YouTube by ...

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Dito Von Tease’s World Of Ditology


A 33-year-old Italian artist from Bologna in central Italy, working under the pseudonym Dito Von Tease, has created amazing portraits using his fingers as a blank canvas. The graphic artist and illustrator said he uses only his “happy hand” and Photoshop to create his finger portraits. Dito is Italian for finger and the artist’s pseudonymis a play on burlesque dancer ...

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Doing Time Gangnam Style

Doing time Gangnam Style

Korean rapper Psy – real name Park Jae Sung – has taken the world by storm, with his undeniably catchy hit Gangnam Style becoming the biggest hit of the year and a truly awe-inspiring phenomenon. There are now countless parodies of the hit worldwide and the YouTube video of Psy’s Gangnam Style, in which he performs his now signature horse ...

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