Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mom’s 80th Birthday

Mom is such a special word To me mom is the greatest person in the world She brought me into this world And refused to let me go When dad wanted to give me away Because of mom, I am still a Lim I almost drowned when I was a little kid Because of mom, I am still here today ...

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Letter To God

Letter to God

Christmas is just round the corner so I just want to share this joke with you with the hope that you will have a hearty laugh. Merry Christmas to you all! There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day, a letter came addressed ...

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Sinful English Aka Singlish

Colloquial Singaporean English, widely known as Singlish, is an English-based creole language spoken in Singapore.  With Singapore’s multi-racial background, it's not surprising that 'Singlish' borrows from the many different languages spoken in Singapore. First-time visitors often find themselves confounded by the Singlish colloquialisms that pepper Singaporeans' speech. Sinful English, a three-minute "how-to-speak-Singlish" video shot by a group of Americans and ...

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One Pound Fish

A fishmonger at East London market in UK has shot to fame with his “One Pound Fish” jingle. An amateur video featuring Muhammed Shahid Nazir, aka the "One Pound Fish Man", has propelled the little-known fish seller into the limelight. The two-minute video, showing him peddling his fish at Queen's Market through a silly sing-along to anyone who would listen, ...

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What Chance Do Goalkeepers Stand Against A Penalty Kick?

Wayne Rooney taking a penalty kick

For all of you football fans out there, what chance do goalkeepers stand against a penalty kick? I was reading the book "Why Don't Spiders Stick To Their Own Webs?" by Robert Matthews when I came across his answer to this question. Penalty kicks were first introduced into soccer in 1891. The penalty spot is placed twelve yards from the ...

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Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank

Programa Silvio Santos (The Silvio Santos Program), the Brazilian television show responsible for the girl ghost in the elevator prank, has created a spookier and more macabre prank as a sequel. In their latest stunt,  the victims are now stuck in the lift with a coffin which springs open, revealing a 'corpse' that comes to life in a terrifying fashion. ...

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