Monthly Archives: May 2015

I Love Saba Orchard Pineapples

Austin as a fiddle

I have tasted the pineapples of Saba Orchard on a few occasions in the past courtesy of my brother Chin Tian and my sister-in-law Christina Sio. I love the sweetness and the taste of the Lambir Pines so I always look forward to eating these pineapples. Yesterday when I was sending my brothers Chin Tian and Chin Kiong as well ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Visit Malaysia

Hey, u gweilo!

I was a bit angry lah when I saw the title of Vaughan McShane’s blog article “10 Reasons why you should NEVER visit Malaysia”. I was thinking who is this Mat Salleh who dares to trample on Malaysia. S-kew me, you gweilo, u go die lah you…celaka you! It was only after I have read the article that I burst ...

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Brekkie At Ming Xin Coffee House Miri

Fried kueh tiaw

I dropped by HSBC this morning to do some personal banking via their ATM machine. Realising that it has been quite a while since we last visited the Ming Xin Coffee House located in the front portion of the building, my wife and I decided to have breakfast there. During our previous visits, we have enjoyed their fried kueh tiaw ...

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1,000,000 and More

Every year, 180,000,000 Valentine cards are sent in the US

I was at Popular Bookstore Miri today when I saw the hardcover 224-page book “1,000,000 and more” by Mariel Marohn and published by Tectum Publishers. Glancing at  the price tag, I quickly grabbed a copy. RM29.90 for this 9 x 0.9 x 12.5 inches hardcover book filled with beautiful photos is definitely a steal!   1,000,000 –always a fascinating number, ...

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A Wedding Photo Shoot Site Off The Beaten Path In Miri


Are you hunting down a place for your wedding photo shoot location but have no idea where to go? You want a location that is not so commonly used for wedding photo shoot in Miri. You are looking for something different. You don’t even want to consider the well-known parks in Miri like the City Fan, Taman Awan and Bulatan ...

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A Burst of Yellow Flames

The yellow flame (Peltophorum pterocarpum ) tree behind the Hong Leong Bank

I was walking from my office near Wang Tze Tai Café to the Hong Leong Bank opposite Mega Hotel this afternoon when I saw that the yellow flame (Peltophorum pterocarpum ) tree behind the bank was bursting with yellow flowers. After work, I took my compact Canon S100 and went to take photos of the tree and its flowers. These ...

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The Most Beautiful Golden Shower Trees In Miri

The golden showers of the Cassia fistula

Every time the golden shower (Cassia Fistula) trees along Jalan Krokop across the road from UMW Toyota Service Centre are in full bloom, I feel enthralled by their beauty. For the past couple of weeks, two of the trees have been profusely covered with yellow flowers and are almost devoid of leaves. Bunches of flowers hang in long pendulous racemes ...

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Family Vacation Down Under

Air Asia Flight to Melbourne

My son Clarence and daughter-in-law Amanda took the initiative to plan for a family holiday to Melbourne months ahead of the actual trip through online research. They arranged for the planned itinerary, the rental of our apartment in Melbourne and the one night stay at the Southern Ocean Villas in Port Campbell and the rental of a car for the ...

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