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A Midsummer’s Equation By Keigo Higashino

A Midsummer’s Equation by Keigo Higashino

Ever since I read his novel “The Devotion Of Suspect X” about four and a half years ago, Keigo Higashino has become one of my top favourite authors. I just love his master storytelling and the many unexpected twists as his plot unfolds. Keigo’s  writing is always very entertaining and well worth reading. It is little wonder that he has ...

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Naim Lifestyle Expo

The paraglider and the hot air balloon

The inaugural Naim Lifestyle Expo commences today at Pusat Bandar Phase 6, Bandar Baru Permyjaya. Organised by Naim Group of Companies, the expo will end at 6pm tomorrow. Members of the public can find out more about lifestyle and investment enhancement at the expo. There are also exhibitions of branded furniture, kitchen appliances, home décor and luxury car. Fun activities ...

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The Traffic Lights In Our Lives

Marina ParkCity

I am sure Mirians who drive along the roads in Marina Parkcity area must have noticed the number of traffic lights in the area. On some days when I am driving through this area, I get red light whenever I approach a traffic light. It can be a bit frustrating having to stop so often but I need to obey ...

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Reflections On The State Of My Mind

Bad memory

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.  – Doug Larson In slightly over a month’s time, I will be 59. As 60 looms, I worry about how to stay in shape mentally. I am a bit fearful that the state of my mind will gradually decline. I know that my mind needs constant workout to ...

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Oh My Chinese!


I had my primary school education at St Augustine’s Primary School in Binatang. It was a Roman Catholic mission school and English was the medium of instruction. Chinese was a subject that I studied but I did not like Chinese lessons as I found Chinese difficult, especially writing in Chinese. My Chinese teacher was Mr Hsieh who knew my parents ...

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You Can Make A Difference!

Ha Van Minh's 2015 Progress Report

It was in 2006 that I first participated in World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme. I was working in Brunei at that time and I came to know that my boss’ school going daughter Rachel was sponsoring some kids through World Vision.  I took up the challenge and the first child I sponsored was a Thai boy by the name of ...

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China Girlfriends

When my China girlfriend died a few months into our relationship, I was a bit devastated. She had been such a close companion, one that I cherished as she was particularly special. I soon found a new love, another China girlfriend. She has been with me for over two months. Despite the fact that she has been with me for ...

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RIP, Soo Ewe Jin!

Sunday Starters by Soo Ewe Jin

I read in the Star today about the passing on of Soo Ewe Jin, Star’s executive director. A few months ago, I bought his book “Sunday Starters”, a compilation of articles he wrote in his weekly column Sunday Starters. I enjoy reading the book and his articles strike a chord with me as he focused on ordinary people and day-to-day ...

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A Small-Town Boy’s Memories Of Binatang

A very old photo of Binatang

I was born in a very small town but for the past 35 years, I have called Miri my home. The small-town boy in me never truly goes away. Time and again, I am caught up in nostalgia whenever I recall my childhood days in Binatang (now known as Bintangor). The recent sale of my dad’s shophouse in Bintangor has ...

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