Monthly Archives: December 2017

Life Is Great At 60!

Life is great at 60

Today I turn 60. It seems not that long ago I was still studying at Kai Chung Middle School in Binatang. But six decades of life I have lived so far. It has been said that life begins at 60. Yes, 60 is the new launchpad year for adventure, opportunity and change. For turning sixty today, I don’t harbour any ...

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My 12 Crypto Days Of Christmas

All I want for my Christmas

On the first day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: A Bitcoin to my wallet On the second day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: 2 Bitcoincash and a Bitcoin to my wallet On the third day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: 3 DASH coins 2 Bitcoincash and a Bitcoin to my wallet   On the fourth day of ...

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What Is Happiness?

Happiness is a choice

The November 2017 issue of National Geographic features the article The Search For Happiness with Costa Rica, Denmark and Singapore touted as some of the most joyful places on the planet based on the different strands of happiness: pleasure, purpose and life satisfaction. These different strands of happiness braid together in complementary ways to create lasting joy. How people view ...

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I can't make out what is the number is this jumble of colours.

I know roses are red And grass is green But I am filled with dread With people’s amused grin Whenever I fail a colour test Such as a jumble of colours in a book I always try my best But such tests are not as easy as they look. I may not be able to distinguish all the colours of ...

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Oh How I Long For Thee!

Me on Mount Royal in Montreal in late autumn in the late 1970s

Oh how I long for thee Not seeing you makes me feel empty More than thirty seven years have gone by Since I bade you goodbye.   Memories of you linger Your whiteness in winter Footprints in the snow As temperature dropped low.   Memories of you bring Sweetness and joy in spring Fields of green emerged from their hibernation ...

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Viva Vicky Chen!

Vicky Chen with her Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting actress

At the tender age of only 14, she is a superstar in the making. At the recent Golden Horse Awards, she beat two former best actress winners Shu Qi and Slyvia Chang to win the Best Supporting actress award for her role in the film “The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful” and was also nominated for the best actress ...

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