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Long Shadow

Long shadow

Lin Yutang said the end of the day is near When small men cast long shadows But there is no need for fear From the shadows will emerge heroes.   A long shadow blankets our country We seem to be in a state of regression The political situation is cause for worry Patriotic hearts bleed for the nation.   Long ...

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The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del Toro has won so many accolades and awards that I just had to watch it as soon as the DVD of the movie hit the shelves here in Miri.  The movie is an other-worldly fairy tale that brings to mind elements of “Beauty and the Beast” and “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. Living alone ...

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My Top 50 Favourite Songs

Stairways to Heaven

I have been doing spring cleaning for the last week or so. Digging out all my CD collection from their storage boxes, I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of my collection. An idea then struck me. If I have to choose my top favourite 50 songs from my huge collection of songs, what will be my choices? It ...

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Irony of Life

Irony of life

They were classmates from young With characters bordering on yin and yang Tom excelled in his studies Vince fooled around with his buddies.   Tom was always careful with his money Vince was a spendthrift as his vices were many Everyone thought success in life for Tom was a no-brainer Vince had no second thoughts about cutting corners.   Tom ...

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RIP Vasanthapiriya Muniandy!


Like a blossoming flower That was the way you were Sensitive timid and shy Much too young to die.   Falsely accused of stealing your teacher’s handphone That was when everything went wrong Your hurt was so deep Your mind just flipped.   You were so vulnerable to the false allegation Your dignity and rights subjected to serious violation Your ...

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Hello CryptoKitties!


A new technology often gets a game that helps to promote it to the mainstream. Social networks had FarmVille. Mobile phones had Angry Birds. And now blockchains have CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based virtual game that allows players to adopt, raise, breed and trade digital cats using Ethereum-based smart contracts. The game is an extension of society’s obsession with rising ...

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Namewee Sings High Pitch Together With Jess Lee


After the phenomenal success of “Stranger in The North” (漂向北方), his duet with Wang Leehom, Namewee is again going viral with “High Pitch Together” (一起飆高音), a duet with Malaysian singer Jess Lee (李佳薇). The video, uploaded to Youtube two days ago, has garnered almost 750,000 views at the time of my writing this short blog article. Stranger in the North, ...

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Kasotsuka Shojo – The Virtual Currency Girls

Kasotsuka Shojo the Virtual Currency Girls

Japan passed the Virtual Currency Act (Act) in March 2017, making it the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender. It therefore does not come as a surprise that the first cryptocurrency band in the world has emerged from Japan. With crypto-maniac Japanese investors likely sitting on hefty gains, it’s time for celebration and it comes ...

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Life Is Great At 60!

Life is great at 60

Today I turn 60. It seems not that long ago I was still studying at Kai Chung Middle School in Binatang. But six decades of life I have lived so far. It has been said that life begins at 60. Yes, 60 is the new launchpad year for adventure, opportunity and change. For turning sixty today, I don’t harbour any ...

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What Is Happiness?

Happiness is a choice

The November 2017 issue of National Geographic features the article The Search For Happiness with Costa Rica, Denmark and Singapore touted as some of the most joyful places on the planet based on the different strands of happiness: pleasure, purpose and life satisfaction. These different strands of happiness braid together in complementary ways to create lasting joy. How people view ...

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