Amazing Animals

Enchanted By Feathered Friends At Jurong Bird Park


On my second day in Singapore at the beginning of this month, I visited Jurong Bird Park alone while my wife and my son Leslie went shopping. A visit to the park has been on my bucket list for a few years so it felt great to be able to tick off that item on my bucket list. I bought ...

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Geda The Monkey

Geda the prophetic monkey

Has Paul the Octopus been reincarnated as a monkey in China? The 5-year old monkey, known as Geda and living at Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, has proven that his successful prediction of Portugal winning the 2016 European Championship in July this year was no flash in the pan. The prophetic primate has successfully predicted that Donald Trump would ...

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Soar Like Eagles

Soar like the eagle

Emperors of the sky, Majestic birds so graceful they fly, Building their nests on some lofty solitude, Amazing is their fortitude.   Eagles don’t flock, Turkeys they mock, Eagles soar to great heights, Proudly displaying their might.   Eagles don’t escape storms, Soaring above storms is the norm, They rise on the winds, Below them the storm sings.   When ...

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Jimmy & Juliet

Jimmy & Juliet

In Piasau Nature Reserve, Authorities strive to preserve, A small colony of hornbills, With their long down-curved bills. The death of Faridah sparked a public outcry, At the brutal hands of poachers she died, Leaving behind a heartbroken Jimmy, Sad as a man running on empty. Like a phoenix rising out of ashes, Jimmy has emerged from his sadness, His ...

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Are Owls Really Wise?

Brown fish owl with piercing eyes

Somber in appearance and demeanour, Their enormous eyes portraying an impression of candour, Extraordinary is their night vision, Unmatched is their peripheral vision.   Amazing animals in their own right, Incredible nocturnal hunters in the night, Specialised hearing, camouflaging plumage and unique vision, Traits making them almost invincible when they spring into action.   Light as feather they may be, ...

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Egret in flight

The egrets are a dazzling sight, Statues of grace, stoic and snowy white, Impressive wingspans stretching so wide, When they spread their wings as they take flight. Wading slowly or standing stock-still, Foraging in marshes and mud flats, They strike with a jab of their long bill, It’s a joy watching them in their acts. Like ballerinas so full of ...

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Juliet Is Going To Be A Mum!

A notice informing the public that Juliet is in nest

I have not been to Piasau Nature Reserve for more than two months. I remember seeing Jimmy and Juliet mating when I visited the reserve on October 19 so I have the sudden urge to visit the reserve this evening to see if anything has evolved from that mating. I was in for a little shock. I used to park ...

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Have You Ever Seen Crabs Mating?

They were still in their tight embrace when I left them.

I have discovered a new spot that is great for photography. It is the park behind Parkcity Everly Hotel. On the left side of the hotel, there is a concrete pathway that runs all the way to the beach area. As you stroll along this pathway, you will see a small stream on the left side. If you are lucky, ...

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Have You Ever Seen Hornbills Mating?

Juliet telling Jimmy her feelings?

I was strolling along Main Bazaar in Kuching on October 9 when I saw a pair of pigeons mating. Back in Miri, I made a trip to Taman Selera on October 13 and I came across a pair of grasshoppers mating. I made an hour stopover at Piasau Nature Reserve yesterday hoping to photograph hornbills. Initially I thought I was ...

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Lovey-Dovey Couple’s Passionate Lovemaking

Lovey-dovey couple

I was walking around Main Bazaar yesterday looking for photography targets when I saw this couple acting lovey-dovey. They were kissing passionately oblivious to others watching them. The male, seeing the receptive response from the female, started to mount her doggy style. And soon, they were passionately making love. Their copulation only lasted a few seconds but it was fast ...

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