Salak Fruit Aka Snake Fruit

The bunch of salak fruits that I bought

I brought my mum to the tamu at E-Mart in Miri as she has never been there. We saw a lot of salak and decided to buy some to try. The fruit, with its reddish-brown scaly skin, looks disgusting at sight as the fruit peel resembles scales of a snake. Known also as snake fruit, the ugly fruit is such ...

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Zee Avi’s Homecoming Concert In Miri

Zee Avi

Pint-sized and endlessly musical Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist and ukulele player Zee Avi will be performing a special homecoming concert on July 7 at the Miri Indoor Stadium courtesy of the Sarawak State Government. I am a fan of hers and I would love to attend the concert. Unfortunately I will be in Bintangor on July 7 for the Bintangkian Lau ...

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Justice Has Eluded Tiffany Wong

Newspaper headlines today

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr. A central part of the mythology of the criminal justice system is that everyone is treated equally, regardless of his or her race or class. The concept that no one is above the law is a noble one. Like many good ideas, reality usually lags far behind ...

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