Breakfast At Hainan Cafe

A photo of an old man making coffee

We went for breakfast at Hainan Cafe situated at the Miri Waterfront. There were quite a lot customers when we arrived at the cafe. That, to me, is a good sign. Interesting photos depicting some old Hainan coffeeshop scenes and a photo of the Kuching Hainan Association building adorn the walls of the cafe. I ordered a Hainan kopi-o while ...

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The Amazing Mudskippers

These fish are in fact more comfortable crawling around on the mud than submerged in water!

I stopped by a little stream near Lutong Beach this morning intending to photograph egrets that seem to hang out in that area. Luck was against me for as soon as I got down from my car, the egrets took flight. Since photographing egrets was out of the question, I just looked around. Standing on the small bridge, I diverted ...

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Go To 368 Cafe For Good Economy Rice

368 Cafe Miri

I have heard from my brother Chin Tian that the economy rice at 368 Café is good and he is a frequent patron. Yesterday afternoon, my son and I went to the café to try out the economy rice. It is situated in the same row of shophouse as Miri Taiwan Cafe. Economy rice refers not to a specific dish ...

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Route 99 Cafe Where Good Coffee Is A Pleasure

Route 66 Cafe

On our way home yesterday afternoon, my son and I decided to pop in Route 66 Café for a tea break. We have read good reviews about the café so we wanted to experience how good is the gourmet coffee and desserts there. Route 66 Café is located at Lot 1401 Of Parent Lot 991, Jalan Agama, Lutong. That is ...

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Stir-Fried Ice Cream Is Now Available In Miri

That was my ice cream

Stir-fried ice cream or “ice pan” ice cream is now available in Miri. This China guy is operating on the 5 foot way of Kang He Trading in Yakin Commercial Centre. I dropped by to try the ice cream with my son yesterday afternoon after our brunch. It was interesting to see how the ice cream rolls were made. The ...

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Tembaga Durians – What A Heavenly Delight!

The other durian

After our brunch today, my son and I went to Tamu Muhhibah to look for Tembaga durians. Many vendors were selling the durians at prices ranging from RM20 to RM25 per kilo. After browsing around, we approached one of the vendors and asked him for the best price that he could offer. He quoted RM18 so we decided to buy ...

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A Delectable Dinner At Hank’s Meat & Wine

Hank's Meat & Wine

My other half flew to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon with her sister en route to Adelaide for a two-week holiday. So we won’t have home cooking for the next two weeks. My son and I decided to try out Hank’s Meat & Wine in Pujut 7. It is located just next to Fish & Co. We were there quite early ...

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The House Of Buns Miri

Chicken bun

Someone commented on my blog article “The Best Steamed Buns In Miri” that House of Buns sells the best buns in Miri. So I dropped by House of Buns to buy chicken buns and char siew buns. House of Buns is situated near Dr Teo’s Clinic in Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre. Having tested the buns of House of Buns, both ...

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Pardon My Poor Photography Skills

A Bird 090

Su, a reader of my blog, made a comment that I have a good blog and that he appreciates what I do as a Mirian. However, he suggested that maybe buying a new camera will make my blog even better. And I replied that the problem is not the camera but the photographer.  Anyway, thank you for your comment, Su! ...

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The Best Steamed Buns In Miri

The stall selling the bao in front of Toni & Gus near the Piasau roundabout

Where can you find the best steamed paus (buns) in Miri? A lot of Mirians will tell you it is Sau Pau Bakery Café. But I beg to differ. I do like the pau at Sau Pau Bakery but my top choice is the buns sold at the makeshift stall in front of Toni & Guys Unisex Saloon near the ...

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