Enthralled By The Beauty Of Tusan Beach

Tusan Beach 075

Tusan Beach rose to prominence after the amazing bioluminescence phenomenon was discovered in the area in September this year. The pinpricks of light glittering on the incoming tide on the shore of Tusan Beach have been drawing huge crowds to this previously neglected beach especially during weekends.

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Best Ice Kacang in Miri

Yummy Rojak House at Boulevard Commercial Centre

I have blogged about ice kacang outlets springing up all over Miri in my blog article “Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan.” And I am now seeing a trend in Miri. Established ice kacang outlets are opening new branches to increase their shares of the ice kacang market. Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan recently opened its second ...

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Borneo Autoshow And Gathering Festival 2015

At Piasau Nature Reserve Agaian 089

I was driving past the Miri Indoor Stadium this morning when I saw the huge number of cars parked around the stadium. Curiosity got hold of me and I parked my car at the swimming pool car park. When I approached the stadium, I realised that the Borneo Autoshow And Gathering Festival 2015 was being held in the car park ...

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Have You Ever Seen Crabs Mating?

They were still in their tight embrace when I left them.

I have discovered a new spot that is great for photography. It is the park behind Parkcity Everly Hotel. On the left side of the hotel, there is a concrete pathway that runs all the way to the beach area. As you stroll along this pathway, you will see a small stream on the left side. If you are lucky, ...

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Have You Ever Seen Hornbills Mating?

Juliet telling Jimmy her feelings?

I was strolling along Main Bazaar in Kuching on October 9 when I saw a pair of pigeons mating. Back in Miri, I made a trip to Taman Selera on October 13 and I came across a pair of grasshoppers mating. I made an hour stopover at Piasau Nature Reserve yesterday hoping to photograph hornbills. Initially I thought I was ...

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Ever Tasted Green Noodles?

Chong Chon Green Noodle

A couple of days ago, my brother brought me to ChicWan in Central Park to try out the Chong Chon Green Noodle. When my brother told me about the green noodle, my first impression was this must be a green consumerism marketing gimmick. What are green noodles? They are noodles made with flour and spinach. David, the owner of the ...

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Unwind At Kingwood Boutique Hotel

Kingwood Boutique Hotel

Kingwood Boutique Hotel opened its door on September 23 after a very extensive renovation to upgrade the hotel into an upscale luxury boutique hotel. Nestled in the midst of North Yu Seng commercial area, the style of the 49-room hotel seamlessly blends old-school charm with contemporary elegance. Surfaces are finished in natural wood and stone, set against an earthy colour ...

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Delight Your Palate At The Little Chef

The Little Chef

The Little Chef has carved a name for its fast service and good food. Located in Boulevard Commercial Centre near Maybank, it is easy to find as it has a huge signboard. We have been there so many times that we have lost count. On our latest visit a couple of nights ago, we ordered honey spare ribs, cabbage fried ...

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Have You Ever Tasted A Buah Binjai?

The buah binjai that I ate

I was at Emart last night when I came across a tamu vendor selling a fruit that looks like a large size chiku. The vendor told me that it is buah binjai (scientific name Mangifera caesia) and that it has a sweet & sour taste. She said many Bruneians like the fruit very much. Piqued with curiosity, I decided to ...

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In The Mood For Vegan? Try Vegan House!

Vegan House Miri

If your meals consistently revolve around corpse multiple times daily, you might become one sooner than you planned. ~ Kris Carr No…..I am not a vegetarian. I came across the above quotation online and thought it might give you food for thought. I had a late breakfast with my wife so for lunch, we decided to go for something light. ...

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