Memories Are Made Of These

Life Is Great At 60!

Life is great at 60

Today I turn 60. It seems not that long ago I was still studying at Kai Chung Middle School in Binatang. But six decades of life I have lived so far. It has been said that life begins at 60. Yes, 60 is the new launchpad year for adventure, opportunity and change. For turning sixty today, I don’t harbour any ...

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Goodbye 2016!

Taken at the wedding of Carissa T'en and Jia Lim

Today is the last day of 2016. As I look back at the year, I am filled with mixed feeling. Someone said that every year, like wine, has its own flavour. I cannot agree more. At times, 2016 was sweet like a Vin Santo Rosso but at other times, it was overwhelming like a Cabernet Sauvignon. The election of Trump ...

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Reflections On The State Of My Mind

Bad memory

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.  – Doug Larson In slightly over a month’s time, I will be 59. As 60 looms, I worry about how to stay in shape mentally. I am a bit fearful that the state of my mind will gradually decline. I know that my mind needs constant workout to ...

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A Small-Town Boy’s Memories Of Binatang

A very old photo of Binatang

I was born in a very small town but for the past 35 years, I have called Miri my home. The small-town boy in me never truly goes away. Time and again, I am caught up in nostalgia whenever I recall my childhood days in Binatang (now known as Bintangor). The recent sale of my dad’s shophouse in Bintangor has ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 6


16th October 2016 We were up at about 5am as our flight from Taipei to Kota Kinabalu was scheduled to depart at 9.50am.  After our shower, we were in the hotel lobby at 6am. We thought we would not be able to have the hotel complimentary breakfast as it was supposed to start after 7am.  Luckily for us, breakfast was ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 2

Amazing view

12th October 2016 Coke Liao had to depart for Singapore to attend a friend’s wedding so he asked his friend Ching Man Zhu to replace him as our tour driver for the remaining duration of our Taiwan trip. We gave him the nickname Ah Mang Ker. Ah Mang Ker came to our hotel at about 8am and brought us in ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 1

My wife, my sister-in-law Angela, my mother-in-law, my son Leslie, my sister-in-law Shirley and my sister-in-law Margaret

10th October 2016 The trip to Taiwan was planned by my wife and her sisters in August while I was still in Kuching.  The initial plan was for six of them (my wife, my son Leslie, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-laws Margaret, Angela and Shirley) to go on the trip as I was scheduled to be in Kuching again for ...

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What An Incredible Reunion!

Reunion dinner group (Photo credit William Ting)

The Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang Year 1975-1976 Reunion is now history but it has been etched into the memory of those who made it to the function. I am one of the committee members and I take pride in the post-reunion accolades from the participants. Mr Ong Siang Phiaw, for instance, personally texted me, saying that the reunion ...

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My First Ever Live Interview On RedFM Sarawak

Rosalind & me

At about 10.15am this morning, my handphone rang. Glancing at it, I saw that the caller was Abang Mohd Tosen. He said he was ready to pick me up but I told him I was not ready yet as I had asked him to pick me at around 11.30am. I quickly shut down my laptop and went to change into ...

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It Has Been A Long Time

Making a drink for a customer

It has been a long time since I last saw her. About 3 decades ago, to be exact. I was driving along Medical Store Road in Miri in the early 1980s when I saw a roadside stall selling rambutans. I pulled over and parked my car. Alighting from my car, I realised that the woman selling rambutans was the hawker ...

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