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The Finger Lift

Finger Lift

I was on Facebook when I saw a video featuring the Finger Lift trick. It brought back memories of that night in 1976 when I was in Upper Six D class at Kolej Tun Datuk Tuanku Haji Bujang. I came across the trick in a non-fiction book that I was reading at that time. After sharing the trick with my ...

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Mrbrown Hits Back at Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

A lot of Singaporeans are up in arms about the way the city state was portrayed in the Cinderella and the Dragon episode of US television series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. I know it’s just a TV show and things should not be taken seriously. But for tv viewers who have never been to Singapore, they will tend to believe what ...

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Old Wives’ Tales

Old wives' tales

We have heard a lot of old wives’ tales Those quirky beliefs old folks like to tell Most are nothing more than mere superstitions Yet many are enthralled by such notions.   Clipping fingernails or toenails at night brings bad luck The logical reason is that it may leave you with a cut Snapping a photo of a sleeping person ...

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Speech-To-Text On WhatsApp Can Be Hilarious!

Look for this icon on your smartphone keyboard

I wasn’t aware that there is a speech-to-text function on WhatsApp until my sister informed us about it in our family WhatsApp chat last night. Since then I have given it a try and as long as I pronounce the words correctly, the function really works! Instead of typing or using the audio option, I can use the speech-to-text function ...

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Geda The Monkey

Geda the prophetic monkey

Has Paul the Octopus been reincarnated as a monkey in China? The 5-year old monkey, known as Geda and living at Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, has proven that his successful prediction of Portugal winning the 2016 European Championship in July this year was no flash in the pan. The prophetic primate has successfully predicted that Donald Trump would ...

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PYKP – Pen Youcharkway Kompia Pen

Youcharkuenh pen

I have a pen, I have a kompia Uh! Kompia-Pen! I have a pen, I have youcharkway Uh! Youcharkway-Pen! Kompia-Pen, Youcharkway-Pen Uh! Pen-Youcharkway-Kompia-Pen Pen-Youcharkway-Kompia-Pen I should get one of my Foochow friends to record this in Foochow. That would be fun!  

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Of Daughters And Sons

Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother by Xinran

I read Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother by Xinran quite a long while back and the stories of loss and love have stuck in my mind. Some very traditional Chinese believe that, as Xinran puts it, “you do not count as a human being unless you have a son” to carry on the family line. This was severely intensified ...

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Look Up!

Look up!

When you are in a restaurant, take a look around you. You will see that the majority of people are bent forward towards the glow of their smartphones. Whatever is streaming on their phones is so engrossing that they seem to be in some sort of hypnotic trance, ignoring the people around them. Conversations at dinner table are limited to ...

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Invasion Of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

When my sons were still kids, they loved Pokemon. Pokemon ‘Pocket Monsters’ took the world by storm in 1995, spawning a generation of kids who were hooked by the game on GameBoys and Nintendo game consoles. Fast forward to Pokémon Go just released this month in many regions around the world but it is not available in Malaysia yet. It ...

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Malaysian Rubber Time

Rubber Time

Malaysian time is very elastic, A laid-back attitude makes life less hectic, Tardiness is not seen as a moral crime, Punctuality does not mean you have to arrive in time.   Tardiness is an accepted practice, Even in the corporate office, Time is perceived as a gentle stream, Flowing leisurely like in a dream.   Malaysians are generally not lazy, ...

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