Fidget Spinners

A basic fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are undoubtedly this year’s leading toy fad. The “must-have” toy of the year has two or three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central core. Hold the core between two fingers, give the blades a flick and they spin. That’s it. When it first took off last month, stores could not keep them in stock. Parents were scrambling to ...

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Rent a Box Business Concept

Candy Box Miri at Imperial Mall Miri

“Rent a Box” or “Rent a Shelf” is a business concept that seems to have taken a strong foothold in the retail scene in Miri. But with more and more such outlets mushrooming in shopping malls in the city, I think competition is getting tough and shop owners need to be more creative to try to attract customers. The business ...

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Oh My Chinese!


I had my primary school education at St Augustine’s Primary School in Binatang. It was a Roman Catholic mission school and English was the medium of instruction. Chinese was a subject that I studied but I did not like Chinese lessons as I found Chinese difficult, especially writing in Chinese. My Chinese teacher was Mr Hsieh who knew my parents ...

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Watch Out For The Supermoon Tomorrow!


Photographers worldwide are eagerly waiting for tomorrow when the full supermoon phenomenon will take place. It will be the biggest supermoon in 68 years and the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034. The full supermoon is a rare astronomical occurrence, taking place every one to two years when the full moon coincides with ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 5


15th October 2016 After getting up from bed, I took a stroll around the vicinity of our hotel. It had rained during the night and the streets were wet with little traffic.  The hills were shrouded in early morning mists.  I felt a deep sense of calm and peace as I stared at the shrouded hills. I like the cute ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 4

Group photo at Jiufen

14th October 2016 My son Leslie had mooted the idea of having breakfast at Taichung 2nd Market so Ah Mang Ker brought us there. The 2nd Market at San Ming Road in Taichung city is an iconic octagonal landmark designed and built by the Japanese during the Japanese occupation. It is a wet market where locals buy groceries such as ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 3

Rainbow Village

13th October 2016 After waking up, I took a stroll in the vicinity of the minshu.  I saw some beautiful flowers and some small strawberries in the compound of the minshu. The views of the minshu and the surroundings were lovely. We were provided with complimentary breakfasts. There were quite a lot of choices but I just tried some of ...

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It’s The Real Thing

Coca Cola The Real Thing

Coca-Cola exemplifies America’s soft power, Over its competitors it towers, Wherever you go, Coca-Cola is a well-known icon, The omnipresence of Coca-Cola beckons.   When launched Coca-Cola’s two key ingredients were caffeine and cocaine, Packed in contour bottle rather than in aluminium cans, With cocaine and caffeine derived from coca and kola, That’s how the proprietary elixir came to be ...

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Delight Your Palate At The Little Chef

The Little Chef

The Little Chef has carved a name for its fast service and good food. Located in Boulevard Commercial Centre near Maybank, it is easy to find as it has a huge signboard. We have been there so many times that we have lost count. On our latest visit a couple of nights ago, we ordered honey spare ribs, cabbage fried ...

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The Best Chinese Restaurant In Senadin

Happiness Food Restaurant

Happiness Food Restaurant, located in the Senadin new shophouses near the proposed water theme park, is without doubt the best Chinese restaurant in Senadin. The restaurant is packed almost every night! My son and I went there for dinner tonight as it is just a short drive from my house. When we arrived, the place was not full and there ...

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