Fair Land Sarawak

Orangutan at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Orangutan at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Photo credit: Tan Teck Kee)

Land of the Hornbills

These protected birds we must not kill

Land of the headhunters

But that was in the days of our long-gone ancestors


Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia

The country that prides itself as truly Asia

Situated on the island of Borneo

Sarawak possesses charm and incredible allure.


Famed for its cultural diversity

Natural wonders and amazing biodiversity

Pristine rainforests with unique fauna and flora

A land filled with an exotic aura.


With a diverse ethnic mix

Total major ethnic groups number six

Iban Chinese Malay Bidayuh Melanau and Orang Ulu

The ethnic diversity is really cool.


Gawai Dayak is Iban’s biggest festival

The free flow of tuak makes it difficult to remain sober

When you make a Gawai visit to a longhouse

You’ll be caught in an enthusiasm that is difficult to douse.


When Chinese New Year comes around

Lion dances and firecrackers abound

Red packets and lots of delicacies

Life seems so carefree and easy.


Malay’s biggest festival is Hari Raya

When celebrations move into high gear

Feast on rendang curry and satay

A bloated stomach is a small price to pay.


Sarawak’s capital Kuching is fondly known as the City of Cats

But I wonder if the city really has few rats

In terms of being peaceful and laid-back

Among Malaysian cities Kuching leads the pack.


Miri is the hub of Sarawak’s oil industry

A resort city full of greenery and trees

Miri’s Grand Old Lady sits on top of Canada Hill

Famed as the first oil well that was ever drilled.


Sibu is the gateway to the hinterland of the Rejang River

A town that used to be the hub for the logging of timber

A town whose inhabitants are predominantly Foochow

These are Chinese known for their perseverance and business know-how.


If you wish to see the obscene-nosed proboscis monkey

Bako National Park holds the key

But if orangutans are what you want to see

A visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre will be your cup of tea.


The cool environs of Kelabit Highlands and Bario

Where trekking and serene Orang Ulu villages lure

Loagan Bunut is home to Sarawak’s largest freshwater lake

Don’t pollute it for the Berawan people’s sake.


Try to spot a Rafflesia at the national park in Gunung Gading

Visit Mount Murud if mountain scaling is your thing

Tanjung Datu National Park though the smallest is one of the most beautiful

Talang-Satang National Park is where marine turtles are plentiful.


If you are looking for tranquility and beautiful waterfall

Bukit Lambir National Park has it all

Bakun Dam has its share of controversy

But water spilling from its spillways is a must-see.


A visit to Mulu Caves is a must

Its cave systems leave competitors in the dust

Niah Caves deserve a visit

It is where the earliest known human settlement in Sarawak sits.


Abundant in natural resources

With income from natural gas petroleum timber and agricultural sources

But its development lags far behind its counterparts in the Peninsula

It’s little wonder that Sarawakians blame Putrajaya.


Sarawak my fair land

We hug you in our arms and hands

Long may Sarawakians live in peace and harmony

We will never cease to honour thee.

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