Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

It has been almost one month since I published my last blog article. It is not that I have become lazy to write. I have been pretty occupied with a few ventures that have taken quite a lot of my time. I don’t even have time to indulge in reading novels, my favourite pastime.

I came to the realization that even though I have retired from the corporate rat race, I can put my free time to good use to generate income. Instead of staying in my comfort zone, I decided to get off my ass to launch a few worthwhile ventures.

I have been fascinated by cryptocurrencies and in the past couple of months, I have done a lot of research and read a lot of reports on cryptocurrencies. I have invested in bitcoins about a year ago and that investment is sitting on a big paper gain. In recent months, I identified a few cryptocurrencies that offer huge potential. In early March this year, I decided to invest in Ethereum but due to some misgivings about ethereum wallets, I procrastinated. The biggest mistake of my life! The price in early March was about USD16. If I have invested USD10,000 then, I would have made a cool RM1 million when the price skyrocketed to about USD400 recently. Unfortunately by the time I overcame my misgivings over the Ethereum wallets, the price had shot up to USD50 plus. I decided to wait for the price to come down but that was another big mistake. The price went up steadily and when it was slightly over USD90, I knew that I could not wait anymore. So I invested a small amount, hoping that the price would come down. But the price shot up to about USD400 before it started to decline. At the time of my writing this article, the price is about USD272 so I am sitting on a good paper gain. I am going to invest small sums in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that I have identified. Just one super performer can create life changing wealth.

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies

In mid-May, I started selling coins, currency notes and stamps by renting a couple of “boxes” at Candy Box on the first floor of Imperial Mall (old wing). Sorting out the items for sale and deciding on the prices are a bit time consuming. But it has started to pay off and I have also diversified into selling innovative toys, collectibles and a few other items.

Candy Box Miri

Candy Box Miri

An old friend based in Kuala Lumpur contacted me last month and talked to me about a business opportunity. I told him that I am a bit tired of getting involved in such business again. But he is a person that I hold in very high regard. Being an ex-CEO of a bank, he has great insights and knowledge. He is a very polished public speaker, a very successful businessman, a devout Christian, a great sportsman (he has climbed Mount Kinabalu 67 times!), and author of two books. He told me that he would make a trip to Miri to see me. He came to Miri on June 5 and was able to convince me to join him in the business. I was amazed at the business opportunity and from June 6 onward, I started talking to people. I encountered rejections from some but that was okay as I know that to build a successful business, I have to overcome rejections. At the close of June yesterday, I managed to hit the target for promotion to the second level in the promotion hierarchy. By getting out of my comfort zone, I have managed to carve a good income in my first month in the business. Thank you my dear friend for opening my eyes to this incredible opportunity! And a big thank you to all those friends who have joined me in this business. Let’s make waves in this business!

My friend also commented that investing in cryptocurrency can be life changing if you invest in the right ones. He advised me to stay away from any cryptocurrencies or precious metals programmes that have compensation plans behind them as almost all of these are pure Ponzi schemes or get-rich-quick programmes designed to prey on our greed. Thank you for your great advice, my friend!

A lot of people hope for changes in their life but they keep on doing the same thing. It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results. How true that is! To achieve breakthroughs in our life, we need to get out of our comfort zone. Do the things we don’t like doing. Swallow our pride. Don’t sit on our asses. Take action. Work towards the realization of our goals.

Today is the first day of July. I welcome July with a sense of anticipation of greater things to come. Praise the Lord!

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