Littering Is Not Cool



Littering is not cool,

Unless you are a fool,

Litter is unsightly and embarrassing,

Seeing litter everywhere is so depressing.


Litter litter everywhere,

Dropped by people who don’t care,

Astounding is their lack of civic mindedness,

Exacerbated by their thoughtlessness.


Litterbugs are not bothered by where their rubbish go,

They think their rubbish will be gone when the wind blows,

Strewn along pavements, rivers, parks and in the gutters,

Littering is not a laughing matter.


Mother Nature has a heartbeat,

A heartbeat indiscriminate littering may defeat,

Our earth may well weep,

For the damage is getting deep.


Our environment is in our hands,

Let’s make amends,

Keep our land litter free,

On that there should be an official decree.


Let’s us all begin,

Putting trash in the bin,

That’s the proper place,

For us to toss our waste.


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