Malaysian Rubber Time

Rubber Time

Rubber Time

Malaysian time is very elastic,

A laid-back attitude makes life less hectic,

Tardiness is not seen as a moral crime,

Punctuality does not mean you have to arrive in time.


Tardiness is an accepted practice,

Even in the corporate office,

Time is perceived as a gentle stream,

Flowing leisurely like in a dream.


Malaysians are generally not lazy,

They just want life easy,

On time they have a different perspective,

They need to be elastic to be effective.


Unlike the Western world’s clock obsession ,

Malaysians prefer living life in a relaxed fashion,

Malaysians are seldom punctual,

Arriving fashionably late has become habitual.


Malaysia has always been a top producer of rubber,

I don’t mean condoms but natural rubber,

Like the English who love their tea,

Malaysians love their Malaysian Rubber Time also known as MRT.


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