RIP, Soo Ewe Jin!

Sunday Starters by Soo Ewe Jin

I read in the Star today about the passing on of Soo Ewe Jin, Star’s executive director. A few months ago, I bought his book “Sunday Starters”, a compilation of articles he wrote in his weekly column Sunday Starters. I enjoy reading the book and his articles strike a chord with me as he focused on ordinary people and day-to-day ...

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A Small-Town Boy’s Memories Of Binatang

A very old photo of Binatang

I was born in a very small town but for the past 35 years, I have called Miri my home. The small-town boy in me never truly goes away. Time and again, I am caught up in nostalgia whenever I recall my childhood days in Binatang (now known as Bintangor). The recent sale of my dad’s shophouse in Bintangor has ...

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Watch Out For The Supermoon Tomorrow!


Photographers worldwide are eagerly waiting for tomorrow when the full supermoon phenomenon will take place. It will be the biggest supermoon in 68 years and the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034. The full supermoon is a rare astronomical occurrence, taking place every one to two years when the full moon coincides with ...

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Geda The Monkey

Geda the prophetic monkey

Has Paul the Octopus been reincarnated as a monkey in China? The 5-year old monkey, known as Geda and living at Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, has proven that his successful prediction of Portugal winning the 2016 European Championship in July this year was no flash in the pan. The prophetic primate has successfully predicted that Donald Trump would ...

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RIP, Optimus!

I read about the suicide of a man by the name of Kueh Shu Tsung in the Star on November 10. The man from Perak left a suicide note asking for help to take care of his 70 dogs. It was later that I found out in that Kueh was the person behind the i3investor ID optimus.  I had ...

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Miri’s Most Popular Portuguese Tarts

The six Portuguese tarts that I bought

Having read great reviews about the Portuguese tarts that are sold at a stall in Seahorse Coffee Shop (海马咖啡店) in Pelita Commercial Centre, I went there on three occasions to buy the tarts but the tarts were sold out on all three occasions.  Can you imagine that? The day before yesterday, I went there again to try my luck. I ...

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Santino’s Pizza Miri

Inside Santino's Pizza

We read about the opening of Santino’s Pizza in Facebook and in the Borneo Post and we decided to drop in this evening for our dinner. It is easy to find the place as it is located in the row of shophouse between Pullman Hotels and The Wharf. The outlet is very clean and has a nice ambiance. The staff ...

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Malindo Air Versus Air Asia

Thumbs up to Malindo!

I did not realise that Malindo Air has resumed its Miri-Kuala Lumpur route until I sent my brother Tian and my sister-in-law Christina to the Miri Airport to book their flight to Kuala Lumpur on October 25 upon receiving news of the untimely death of their eldest son Lawrence in Kuala Lumpur. I made a return booking with Malindo Air ...

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Trip To Taiwan – Day 6


16th October 2016 We were up at about 5am as our flight from Taipei to Kota Kinabalu was scheduled to depart at 9.50am.  After our shower, we were in the hotel lobby at 6am. We thought we would not be able to have the hotel complimentary breakfast as it was supposed to start after 7am.  Luckily for us, breakfast was ...

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