Adele’s 25

Adele's 25

I seldom buy original CDs as they are way too expensive. But once in a blue moon, I allow myself the luxury of forking out RM40 to RM50 for a CD that really caught my fancy. Adele’s third album “25” is one such CD. When I saw the CDs hitting the Speedy Video store in Miri recently, I immediately grabbed ...

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Travel Back In Time In Siniawan

The town had awakened

My brother Kiong brought me to Siniawan after picking me from the airport at about 4.00pm yesterday. I have always been enchanted by photos of Siniawan showing its old wooden shophouses, its colourful lanterns and night market. A visit to this small quaint town is something that I have cherished for quite a while. Siniawan looked like a ghost town ...

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A Visit To A Bakam Farm

Close up on some cempedak

I called my brother Chin Tian this morning to find out whether he knows which school one of my Form 6 classmates is attached to. Another college mate Jessie Goh has informed me that the classmate is teaching in Miri. As my brother used to be a school principal in Miri, I thought he may know. Unfortunately my brother does ...

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Sarawak Traditional Clothing & Talent Show

The 10 finalists of the Sarawak Traditional Clothing & Talent Show

I was at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall this morning with my family when I saw that the Sarawak Traditional Clothing & Talent Show was just about to begin. So I decided to watch the show and photograph the participants while my family went shopping. The show is organised by See Hua Marketing in collaboration with the Miri Single Mothers’ Assistance ...

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Fresh Fish At Pasar Nelayan Kuala Bakam

Care for a lobster?

On the way back to Miri after my trip to Tusan Beach and Beraya Beach yesterday, I made a brief stop at the Pasar Nelayan in Kuala Bakam. I have driven past this fish market many times without making a stopover. It is a small fish market but I noticed quite a lot of people stopping by to buy fish.  ...

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The Lovely Beraya Beach

Tusan & Beraya 114

Beraya Beach is starting to become popular after bioluminescence was spotted here in the past few weeks. Located 15 km from Miri, the beach looks great for swimming and family outings. I dropped by for a short visit this morning. Assuming that there won’t be any sand flies, I did not apply any insect repellent. Beraya Beach is a lovely ...

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Enthralled By The Beauty Of Tusan Beach

Tusan Beach 075

Tusan Beach rose to prominence after the amazing bioluminescence phenomenon was discovered in the area in September this year. The pinpricks of light glittering on the incoming tide on the shore of Tusan Beach have been drawing huge crowds to this previously neglected beach especially during weekends.

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