The Big Boss

Bruce Lee

He was the Big Boss, Whose untimely death was a huge loss, Immortalised as a martial arts stardom, And famed for his profound wisdom.   Unforgettable are his lightning fast kicks, And his many martial arts gimmicks, His fists of fury captivated millions, Gaining him fans by the legions.   Born in the Year of the Dragon, On the Day ...

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What Is So Holy About Mackerel, Smoke Or Cow?

Holy mackerel holy smoke holy cow

When I exclaim holy mackerel, Excuse me, I am not picking a quarrel, Holy mackerel is not a culinary dish, Mackerel is one of the smellier fish, A fish that spoils quickly, And nothing about it is holy.   When I shout holy smoke, I am not talking about the haze that chokes, Holy smoke may refer to the puffs ...

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What Does Humble Pie Taste Like?

Humble pie

When you do something wrong, Just apologise and say sorry, Don’t procrastinate too long, Or else there will be no end to the story.   Would you rather swallow your pride, Or a mouthful of umble pie? Save not your hide, By resorting to a lie.   What does humble pie taste like? It sounds like a culinary delight, Bitter ...

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Grand Old Lady

Grand Old Lady

The Grand Old Lady lives alone, High on Canada Hill, You may think she must be forlorn, But that is not how she feels.   Towering thirty metres above ground, Famous landmark she has become, Malaysia’s first cable-tool oil well is her crown, Also known as Miri Well Number One to some.   At over one hundred and five years ...

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April Fool

April Fool's Day

Mark Zuckerberg has sold Facebook, Loch Ness monster has been caught on a hook, WeChat has merged with WhatsApp, Kim Jong-un has turned into an ape.   North and South Korea have agreed to a reunion, Doctors have discovered a cure for cancer using onions, Warren Buffet has tied the knots with Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now ...

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April The First

April First

April the First again, Time to pull a prank, How it all began, I really don’t know to be frank.   This April Fool’s Day, Thank God it’s a Friday, Everyone is in an anticipating mood, And don’t mind having a good hoot.   On First of April Facebook should have a special tab, Warning us what is at stake, ...

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Breakfast of the Gods

Sarawak laksa

Unique and mesmeric, Tasty and aromatic, Sublime and creamy, Tantalising and spicy.   That’s Sarawak laksa, Crème de la crème of all laksa, A reddish-brown concoction of hot soupy goodness, So tempting with its tint of sourness.   A favourite of Anthony Bourdain, Breakfast of the Gods he ordained, Took to it like a rhino to a mud bath, Inducing ...

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Are You Telling Me To Exercise?

A very old tortoise

We live in a world filled with busyness, A life characterised by physical inactivity and laziness, Everyone says exercise is good for health, And health is often equated with wealth.   Look at the tiny reef fish pygmy goby, Swimming all day seems to be its hobby, Fifty nine days is its lifespan, A life so quickly spent.   Wild ...

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Why Don’t You Leave My Face?

A pimple

The very first time you showed up, I just gave you some rub, I asked my friend what you were, He said you were a zit.   You are a rising issue, For which I need some tissue, You are a pressing matter, Evolving into a small crater.   You have a whole host of names, A tribute to your ...

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Not My Cup Of Tea

Not my cup of tea

Apple polishing in the office, Absolutely not my practice.   Working for a lousy boss, Daily upsets in small dose.   Promises made to be broken, Sounds pretty rotten.   Telling a blatant lie, I would rather die.   Driving with a backseat driver, Drives me needlessly bonker.   Watching Taiwan drama series, I better believe in fairies.   Golf ...

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