Sabahan Beauty Phantegerow Louiselle Leo Estrop

Phantegerow Louiselle Leo Estrop

Phantegerow Louiselle Leo Estrop. What a mouthful! That is the name of the young Sabahan girl who became an online sensation in August last year due to her uncanny resemblance to Selena Gomez. Since then, her popularity has soared to staggering heights and she has received many offers to model for fashion and beauty products. The 18-year old Kadazan Dusun-Dutch ...

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Old Wives’ Tales

Old wives' tales

We have heard a lot of old wives’ tales Those quirky beliefs old folks like to tell Most are nothing more than mere superstitions Yet many are enthralled by such notions.   Clipping fingernails or toenails at night brings bad luck The logical reason is that it may leave you with a cut Snapping a photo of a sleeping person ...

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The Language of Dying

The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough

I have just finished reading The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough. Even though it is a novella that is only 144 pages long, it took quite a while for me to finish it. I need to put the book aside from time to time to ponder on the harshness of life and human frailty. Here’s how the book opens: ...

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Goodbye Taxi, Hello Uber!


I heard read great reviews about Uber posted on  Facebook by my eldest brother Chin Tian and my secondary school teacher Jay She.  I told myself that I must try out the ride-sharing app as soon as I have the chance. The opportunity came two days ago when I had to fly to Kuching for Ching Ming. I was taking ...

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Lady Luck Smiled On Me Today

Close-up of some of the coins

I just got back to my brother’s house after visiting my father’s grave for Ching Ming. I can hardly contain my excitement at my amazing find earlier this morning. I flew from Miri to Kuching last night and was up early this morning. With my Canon camera in hand, I  took a stroll in my brother’s garden to see if ...

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Investing in KLSE Stocks

Bursa Malaysia

In KLSE stocks we invest Always hoping for the best It isn’t for the faint-hearted For the wild swings can cause a heart attack.   When the bulls are in control Just go with the flow But when the market is rampaged by bears It’s time for tears and fears.   When stocks rally Everyone is happy When stocks slump ...

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Swooning Over Two Malaysian Policewomen

Irene on the left and Oli on the right

Two young Chinese policewomen from Malaysia have become internet sensations for their beautiful looks with many netizens swooning over their beauty. Some have commented in jest that they are willing to be arrested if  these two policewomen are their arresting officers. The pair, Irene Y LM and Oli Lee, are based at police HQs in Kuala Lumpur. 26-year old Irene ...

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Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves

Forlornly they lie beneath the trees Fallen leaves that have broken free Freedom that is so deceiving For death is beckoning.   Shattered dreams are like dead leaves Treasures that have been stolen by marauding thieves When hopelessness rears its ugly head You may wish you are dead.   Like new leaves that slowly emerge A strong will is difficult ...

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Wish Lanterns

Wish Lanterns by Alec Ash

Wish lanterns are released as a symbol of hope. These lanterns light up the night skies, symbolising that light can always be found during dark time. Wish Lanterns is also the title of the first book by Alex Ash, an Oxford graduate who first taught in a Tibetan village before moving to Beijing in 2008. Wish Lanterns is an apt ...

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The Bridegroom By Ha Jin

The Bridegroom By Ha Jin

About a fortnight ago, I was at Popular Bookstore when I came across four books that piqued my interest and I ended up buying them. Two of the books, “The Bridegroom” and “The Crazed”, are written by Ha Jin, the National Book Award-winning Chinese-American author for the novel “Waiting.” The third book is “Chinese Cinderella” by Adeline Yen Mah, a ...

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