Silence Of Love – What A Tearjerking Commercial!

The girl feels ashamed of her mute dad.

A couple of months ago, I watched a very poignant Thai commercial for a Thai life insurance company that really touched my heartstrings. I forgot about it but I came across it again today. I just have to share this commercial with you all.  Thailand has been cranking out commercials that are really  heart-warming. The commercial, “Silence of Love”,  by ...

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My Name Is Feuerman, Carole Feuerman

Artist Carole Feuerman takes six painstaking months to create the stunningly lifelike sculptures

When artists get waxworks right, the results can be so stunning it’s almost impossible to tell them from real people. One such artist is American hyper-realistic sculptor Carole A. Feuerman, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptors. The models created by Carole are so realistic that people sometimes think they’re alive. Looking at some of her ...

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Chimpanzees See Sunlight For First Time In 30 Years

A chimp in one of the Immuno cages where they were kept for years

After three decades in captivity cooped up in tiny cages, starved of natural light and subjected to gruesome hepatitis and HIV experiments in an Austrian laboratory, a group of 38 were finally released to the new £3million Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary near Salzburg, Austria , where they can spend the rest of their lives in peaceful retirement. A television camera ...

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Batmanning – Planking 3.0

Batmanners dressing  up for the shot

The internet craze of planking has evolved into the more dangerous batmanning as fans seek out ever more dangerous thrills. You can forget planking….batmanning is now the latest internet craze. Batmanning calls for a sudden rush of blood to the head. Batmanning, also known as toe hooking, is simply hanging bat-like upside down by feet from walls, ledges, platforms, raised ...

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Rolling Stone’s Readers Poll – Ten Worst Songs Of The 90s

Last week, Rolling Stone asked readers to vote for the worst songs of the 1990s. And now the results are out!  1. Aqua – Barbie Girl Topping the list is Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” The song, written by the Danish dance-pop group Aqua, is an incredibly polarizing song. Hordes of people find the song very offensive for its portrayal of a ...

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Monster Crocodile Caught In Philippines

Local residents gather around the crocodile, which is believed to have killed a fisherman

A 21 feet long male saltwater crocodile weighing about 1,075 kilograms was caught last Saturday by villagers and veteran hunters in a creek in the Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province, a poverty-stricken region 515 miles south east of Manila, Philippines.  Wow! Crocodile Dundee would have been proud of you all! The beast was caught, after a three-week hunt, ...

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May You Have A Safe Journey Home, Happy Feet!

Happy Feet

An Emperor penguin, affectionately dubbed Happy Feet, who somehow got way off track from his frozen Antarctic home to end up almost 2000 miles away from home on a New Zealand beach this past June is now heading home. On August 29, after a farewell party at the zoo with 1,700 fans, Happy Feet was transferred to a National Institute ...

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Jade Richards Wows X Factor!

Jade Richards

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Miri, Sarawak. As usual, I went online shortly after getting up from bed on a lazy Sunday. As I browsed the online site of the Daily Mail, news about Jade Richards’ performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” last night on X Factor caught my attention. Being a great fan of Adele, I could ...

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Flare Surfing

Flare Surfing At Night

Flare surfing is the latest rage in extreme sports. Flare surfing by day looks like a fireball is chasing the surfer. But at night, flare surfing is truly a sight to behold as the ocean is set aglow. Red Bull’s Minor Threat pairs four junior surfers with four elite surf veterans, in the hope that the seasoned guys will impart ...

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Holier Than Thou Attitudes

Wise words from Albert Einstein

I am and always will be a sinner. But that’s the beautiful thing about Jesus. I’ll always try to be a better person in the eyes of God. But I’m not all of a sudden stepping up on a pedestal and saying I’m holier than thou, ’cause I’m not! – Billy Ray Cyrus I totally agree with Billy. The holier ...

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