Monster Crocodile Caught In Philippines

Local residents gather around the crocodile, which is believed to have killed a fisherman

A 21 feet long male saltwater crocodile weighing about 1,075 kilograms was caught last Saturday by villagers and veteran hunters in a creek in the Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province, a poverty-stricken region 515 miles south east of Manila, Philippines.  Wow! Crocodile Dundee would have been proud of you all! The beast was caught, after a three-week hunt, ...

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May You Have A Safe Journey Home, Happy Feet!

Happy Feet

An Emperor penguin, affectionately dubbed Happy Feet, who somehow got way off track from his frozen Antarctic home to end up almost 2000 miles away from home on a New Zealand beach this past June is now heading home. On August 29, after a farewell party at the zoo with 1,700 fans, Happy Feet was transferred to a National Institute ...

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Jade Richards Wows X Factor!

Jade Richards

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Miri, Sarawak. As usual, I went online shortly after getting up from bed on a lazy Sunday. As I browsed the online site of the Daily Mail, news about Jade Richards’ performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” last night on X Factor caught my attention. Being a great fan of Adele, I could ...

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Flare Surfing

Flare Surfing At Night

Flare surfing is the latest rage in extreme sports. Flare surfing by day looks like a fireball is chasing the surfer. But at night, flare surfing is truly a sight to behold as the ocean is set aglow. Red Bull’s Minor Threat pairs four junior surfers with four elite surf veterans, in the hope that the seasoned guys will impart ...

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Holier Than Thou Attitudes

Wise words from Albert Einstein

I am and always will be a sinner. But that’s the beautiful thing about Jesus. I’ll always try to be a better person in the eyes of God. But I’m not all of a sudden stepping up on a pedestal and saying I’m holier than thou, ’cause I’m not! – Billy Ray Cyrus I totally agree with Billy. The holier ...

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Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle

One year ago, off the coast of Oregon, a 10-year-old Oregon boy wrote a note on binder paper, stuck it into a bottle and tossed it into the Pacific Ocean. A few weeks ago and 2,000 miles away, a 9-year-old girl walking on a Hawaii shoreline found the bottle floating in a tide pool. Thomas Craig, now 11, of Silverton ...

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Singaporeans Are Born To Love Curry

Curry chicken

Curry is one of Singapore’s national dishes, a dish that is equally loved by the island’s British, Chinese, Indian and Malay populations. And it recently became the catalyst for a mass campaign with political overtones in Singapore. A quarrel over the curry aromas wafting from one Singaporean Indian family’s kitchen into the home of a neighbor has bubbled up into ...

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Guo Li Zhuang – The Strength Inside The Pot

A platter of ox and dog penises.

Whole yak penis, tiger penis, ox penis, dog penis or sheep testicles, anyone? One man’s food is another man’s poison but at Guo Li Zhuang Chinese Restaurant, one man’s taboo is another man’s tonic. A visit to the restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. It specializes in dishes prepared from the genitals (penises and testicles) of male animals from a ...

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Saying Sorry The Digi “Dear Malaysians” Way

Wong with his "I am sorry" message

Saying “I’m sorry” are the two words that can repair a lot of relationships. Without apologies the bad feelings are allowed to grow until eventually they grow into something so big and ugly that it is almost impossible to repair. It is difficult to humble ourselves and admit that that we may have made a mistake. However, when you think ...

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The Most Iconic Kiss in History

Life Magazine VJ-Day Kiss (Photo Credit : Alfred Eisenstaedt)

It was August 14, 1945. It was VJ (Victory over Japan) Day. More than 750,000 people gathered in New York City’s Times Square to celebrate the Japanese surrender and the end of World War II. Among the excited crowd was Edith Shain, a nursing school student, along with her roommate who had taken the subway to Times Square upon hearing ...

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