Speech-To-Text On WhatsApp Can Be Hilarious!

I wasn’t aware that there is a speech-to-text function on WhatsApp until my sister informed us about it in our family WhatsApp chat last night.

Since then I have given it a try and as long as I pronounce the words correctly, the function really works! Instead of typing or using the audio option, I can use the speech-to-text function of my Huawei P9 to write messages in WhatsApp. That’s pretty cool!

Go to your WhatsApp on your smartphone and on the keyboard, tab the microphone icon. Then go ahead and say what you want. Once you stop, the text will appear on your smartphone screen.

Look for this icon on your smartphone keyboard

Look for this icon on your smartphone keyboard

I then got a bit curious and tried speaking Hokkien, Mandarin and Foochow to see how the results would be like. Oh boy! The results can be hilarious!

These are some of the results I got:

Chia pa boi (Hokkien) becomes Jackaboy.

Lu hor bo (Hokkien) becomes Blue hole bar.

Wo ai ni (Mandarin) becomes warranty (1st attempt).

Wo ai ni (Mandarin) becomes What I mean (2nd attempt).

Wo ai ni (Mandarin) becomes Will I need (3rd attempt).

Siah pa moi (Foochow) becomes Jack Diamond.

Ken Chin Kuan (Foochow) becomes Painting chrome.

Kuo tuon kar liew (Foochow) becomes But don’t call you.

Chin ku lon mo kan ngien (Foochow) becomes King bowling ball cannon.

I then spoke 3 Foochow words and the text that I got was “Search Ebay.”

Now, can anyone of you guess what the 3 Foochow words were? Leave your answer in the comments section of my blog (not on Facebook). You will need to register as a user first to leave a comment on my blog. The first one to get the correct answer will get a mystery prize! It will be worth your effort!


  1. I don’t speak any Chinese but I suspect it is some ‘offensive’ words. 😊

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