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Not My Cup Of Tea

Not my cup of tea

Apple polishing in the office, Absolutely not my practice.   Working for a lousy boss, Daily upsets in small dose.   Promises made to be broken, Sounds pretty rotten.   Telling a blatant lie, I would rather die.   Driving with a backseat driver, Drives me needlessly bonker.   Watching Taiwan drama series, I better believe in fairies.   Golf ...

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Angry Seas At Taman Selera Beach

Angry seas at Taman Selera Beach

Standing on the beach at Taman Selera at about 5pm today, I could see the sea rising up and down before crashing on the beach. As the waves approached the beach, they looked so angry and fearless. It immediately made me think of angry seas. Of course, compared to the really angry seas, the sea at Taman Selera today was ...

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