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Watching Movies In The Old Days

Brigitte Lin Chin Hsia and Chin Han in Outside the Window (窗外)

Masuk bilek, tutup pintu, tutup lampu, buka kain, main main. If you can answer the above riddle easily, it means you are most likely in your 50s or 60s now. Yes, I am talking about watching movies at the cinemas. What were you thinking about? Growing up in Binatang, I often tagged along with my parents or my friends to ...

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A Small-Town Boy’s Memories Of Binatang

A very old photo of Binatang

I was born in a very small town but for the past 35 years, I have called Miri my home. The small-town boy in me never truly goes away. Time and again, I am caught up in nostalgia whenever I recall my childhood days in Binatang (now known as Bintangor). The recent sale of my dad’s shophouse in Bintangor has ...

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Ode To My Mum

Mum during her teen days

I lost my Mum to lung cancer on August 30, 2016 and that has made me realise how transient life is. She was still in reasonably good shape albeit feeling tired and a bit breathless when I went to Kuching on August 14. I never expected her to leave us so soon. She was first diagnosed with terminal lung cancer ...

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Small and laid back, Conjuring images of the outback, Along the lower reaches of the mighty Rejang it sits, Capital of Meradong District it is.   Inhabitants predominantly Foochows, Industrious like hardworking cows, Binatang is its old name, Green tangerines bring it fame.   Vibrant and lively in the old days, The town deteriorated in many ways, Riverine life quietened, ...

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I Am A Lucky Guy!

That is me as a kid sitting on my dad's three-wheel "Harley-Davidson" in Binatang

I am a lucky guy! Lucky to have been born in Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills where there had never been a need for 1Malaysia to instill racial harmony among the people. Laidback, peaceful and beautiful. Lucky to have spent the first seventeen years of my life in Binatang (now Bintangor). Yes, the Animal Town where everybody seemed to ...

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RIP, Omar Sharif!

Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia

It is sad to hear the news that Omar Sharif has died aged 83 from a heart attack yesterday afternoon in a hospital in Cairo. It was announced in May that he had Alzheimer’s disease. I was in lower secondary at Kai Chung Middle School in Binatang when I watched Lawrence of Arabia at the Eastern Theatre and that was ...

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The Joy of Reading

Enid Blyton's Famous Five Books

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. – Richard Steele, Tatler, 1710 It was during my primary school days at St Augustine’s Primary School in Binatang that I picked up reading as a hobby. I devoured books by Enid Blyton and immersed myself in the world of the Famous Five and Secret Seven. I would drop ...

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Mom’s 80th Birthday

Mom is such a special word To me mom is the greatest person in the world She brought me into this world And refused to let me go When dad wanted to give me away Because of mom, I am still a Lim I almost drowned when I was a little kid Because of mom, I am still here today ...

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Things From The Bygone Sixties And Seventies

Plaza Seria

During the sixties and early seventies, I was a kid living in Binatang. Life then seemed to move at a snail’s pace, compared to life now. There was definitely much less stress then. Traffic jam was totally unheard of in Binatang as there were so few cars.  If a modern day teenager who grew up with the internet, smartphones, iPad, ...

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Foochow Proverbs And Idioms

160 Foochow Proverbs And Idioms by Angela Yong

I was born in Binatang, a small town with a predominantly Foochow population. Anyone growing up in Binatang would almost invariably be able to speak Foochow with an acceptable level of fluency. I am no exception. I am a Hokkien but I too can speak Foochow. My birth certificate and my Malaysian identity card carry Foochow names and my wife ...

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