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Egret in flight

The egrets are a dazzling sight, Statues of grace, stoic and snowy white, Impressive wingspans stretching so wide, When they spread their wings as they take flight. Wading slowly or standing stock-still, Foraging in marshes and mud flats, They strike with a jab of their long bill, It’s a joy watching them in their acts. Like ballerinas so full of ...

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The Amazing Mudskippers

These fish are in fact more comfortable crawling around on the mud than submerged in water!

I stopped by a little stream near Lutong Beach this morning intending to photograph egrets that seem to hang out in that area. Luck was against me for as soon as I got down from my car, the egrets took flight. Since photographing egrets was out of the question, I just looked around. Standing on the small bridge, I diverted ...

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A Visit To The Kuala Baram Wetlands

Beautiful, isn't it?

I finally made a visit to Kuala Baram Wetlands at about 11am this morning with my wife after much procrastination. I have read about the wetlands being a bird-watching sanctuary as it is a haven for winter migrating birds. From Senadin, we drove to the Asean Bridge. After passing the Asean Bridge, we took the left exit at the roundabout, ...

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