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The Lovely Beraya Beach

Tusan & Beraya 114

Beraya Beach is starting to become popular after bioluminescence was spotted here in the past few weeks. Located 15 km from Miri, the beach looks great for swimming and family outings. I dropped by for a short visit this morning. Assuming that there won’t be any sand flies, I did not apply any insect repellent. Beraya Beach is a lovely ...

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The Amazing Mudskippers

These fish are in fact more comfortable crawling around on the mud than submerged in water!

I stopped by a little stream near Lutong Beach this morning intending to photograph egrets that seem to hang out in that area. Luck was against me for as soon as I got down from my car, the egrets took flight. Since photographing egrets was out of the question, I just looked around. Standing on the small bridge, I diverted ...

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The Sun Is Gone, But I Have A Light

Inspiring beauty of nature

With about forty five minutes to spare before I had to pick up my son, I dropped by Taman Selera to have an ais kacang and to just relax. Sitting at the food bazaar, I had a great view of the sea and beach. The sky was overcast with dark clouds. I guess the dark clouds matched the sombre mood ...

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Welcome to Sawdust Beach Lutong

This is what I see what I look right.

On the way home after sending my son to work, I decided to use the Piasau Camp way with the intention of stopping at Lutong Beach to take photos. I drive pass this beach quite often but have not actually stopped to take a walk there for the last twenty years or so. Imagine my shock at the sight that ...

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