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Goodbye 2016!

Taken at the wedding of Carissa T'en and Jia Lim

Today is the last day of 2016. As I look back at the year, I am filled with mixed feeling. Someone said that every year, like wine, has its own flavour. I cannot agree more. At times, 2016 was sweet like a Vin Santo Rosso but at other times, it was overwhelming like a Cabernet Sauvignon. The election of Trump ...

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Bersih 2011 Rally

Bersih Rally 2011 Walk For Democracy

Malaysia hit the news worldwide today because of the Bersih rally. A few hours ago, keywords like ‘yellow’, ‘Malaysia’, ‘Malaysia news’ and ‘Kuala Lumpur’ were topping Google hot trends. Malaysia boleh!

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Hitler Reincarnated As A Stink Bug In Malaysia

The bug that resembles Hitler (Photo Credit: Solent News & Photo Agency)

We have seen photos of a house, cats and goldfish that look like Hitler. And now a stink bug that resembles Hitler has been spotted at a farm’s herb garden in Kluang, Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia! Maybe Hitler has heard about 1Malaysia and has been reincarnated as a bug to visit ‘Malaysia,truly Asia’.

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