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The Lovely Beraya Beach

Tusan & Beraya 114

Beraya Beach is starting to become popular after bioluminescence was spotted here in the past few weeks. Located 15 km from Miri, the beach looks great for swimming and family outings. I dropped by for a short visit this morning. Assuming that there won’t be any sand flies, I did not apply any insect repellent. Beraya Beach is a lovely ...

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Enthralled By The Beauty Of Tusan Beach

Tusan Beach 075

Tusan Beach rose to prominence after the amazing bioluminescence phenomenon was discovered in the area in September this year. The pinpricks of light glittering on the incoming tide on the shore of Tusan Beach have been drawing huge crowds to this previously neglected beach especially during weekends.

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Oh, What A Shame!

View from the jetty

Brighton Beach, also known as Tanjung Lobang Beach, is probably the most popular beach in Miri and it forms part of Taman Selera, Miri’s oldest recreational park. Since my retirement at the end of May this year, I have been to this beach several times. I find it a great place to have a stroll and to just relax and ...

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Welcome to Taman Bunga Miri

Taman Bunga

A few days ago, a friend was lamenting the lack of a flower garden in Miri. I told him Miri does have a flower garden, albeit a rather small one. If what you have in mind is something like the botanical garden in big cities, then you will be setting yourself up for a major disappointment. The flower garden in ...

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