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Goodbye Taxi, Hello Uber!


I heard read great reviews about Uber posted on  Facebook by my eldest brother Chin Tian and my secondary school teacher Jay She.  I told myself that I must try out the ride-sharing app as soon as I have the chance. The opportunity came two days ago when I had to fly to Kuching for Ching Ming. I was taking ...

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What An Incredible Reunion!

Reunion dinner group (Photo credit William Ting)

The Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang Year 1975-1976 Reunion is now history but it has been etched into the memory of those who made it to the function. I am one of the committee members and I take pride in the post-reunion accolades from the participants. Mr Ong Siang Phiaw, for instance, personally texted me, saying that the reunion ...

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The Best Chinese Restaurant In Senadin

Happiness Food Restaurant

Happiness Food Restaurant, located in the Senadin new shophouses near the proposed water theme park, is without doubt the best Chinese restaurant in Senadin. The restaurant is packed almost every night! My son and I went there for dinner tonight as it is just a short drive from my house. When we arrived, the place was not full and there ...

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A Visit To MYY Mall In Lutong

Masjid An-Naim Lutong and the Anglican Good Shepherd Church which are located side by side.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to drop by MYY Mall this morning to go to the top floor where Semporna Food Court was operating with the sole intention of taking some photos of the Masjid An-Naim Lutong and the Anglican Good Shepherd Church which are located side by side. The feelings of brotherhood among local Christians and ...

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A Visit To The Kuala Baram Wetlands

Beautiful, isn't it?

I finally made a visit to Kuala Baram Wetlands at about 11am this morning with my wife after much procrastination. I have read about the wetlands being a bird-watching sanctuary as it is a haven for winter migrating birds. From Senadin, we drove to the Asean Bridge. After passing the Asean Bridge, we took the left exit at the roundabout, ...

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