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What An Incredible Reunion!

Reunion dinner group (Photo credit William Ting)

The Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang Year 1975-1976 Reunion is now history but it has been etched into the memory of those who made it to the function. I am one of the committee members and I take pride in the post-reunion accolades from the participants. Mr Ong Siang Phiaw, for instance, personally texted me, saying that the reunion ...

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Bird Photography Is Such A Joy!

Patience pays off for the egret

I have been fascinated by bird photography for quite a while. Bird photography, especially wild bird photography, is very challenging. Wild birds usually don’t pose where you want and it’s often difficult to get close enough to take quality pictures. Bird photography is one of the greatest photographic pursuits and also one of the most popular genres of nature photography. ...

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Pardon My Poor Photography Skills

A Bird 090

Su, a reader of my blog, made a comment that I have a good blog and that he appreciates what I do as a Mirian. However, he suggested that maybe buying a new camera will make my blog even better. And I replied that the problem is not the camera but the photographer.  Anyway, thank you for your comment, Su! ...

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The Sun Is Gone, But I Have A Light

Inspiring beauty of nature

With about forty five minutes to spare before I had to pick up my son, I dropped by Taman Selera to have an ais kacang and to just relax. Sitting at the food bazaar, I had a great view of the sea and beach. The sky was overcast with dark clouds. I guess the dark clouds matched the sombre mood ...

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Remembering My Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang Days

Photo taken near a rock pedestal in Hick's Bay

It was in December 1976 that I bade farewell to Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang after spending two years there doing my Form Six as a boarding student. Those two years were two of the happiest years of my life. It was where I really learned to be independent. I bet all my Kolej mates who were fellow boarders ...

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Oh, What A Shame!

View from the jetty

Brighton Beach, also known as Tanjung Lobang Beach, is probably the most popular beach in Miri and it forms part of Taman Selera, Miri’s oldest recreational park. Since my retirement at the end of May this year, I have been to this beach several times. I find it a great place to have a stroll and to just relax and ...

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Miri City Fan Beckons!

A busy bee

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just strolling in a park? Do you know that spending time in a nice park correlates with our overall well-being? In Miri, you have no excuses for not spending some time in a park. You are spoilt for choices. You can visit Taman Selera today and Taman Awam tomorrow. Or ...

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Who Is The Boss?

The asshole is the boss!

I was looking through the photos that I took at Taman Selera today when the one showing the dog really tickled my fancy and made me recall the old joke about who is the boss. So here it is….bear with me if you have read it. For those who have not read it before, I hope it will have you ...

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Angry Seas At Taman Selera Beach

Angry seas at Taman Selera Beach

Standing on the beach at Taman Selera at about 5pm today, I could see the sea rising up and down before crashing on the beach. As the waves approached the beach, they looked so angry and fearless. It immediately made me think of angry seas. Of course, compared to the really angry seas, the sea at Taman Selera today was ...

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