The Best Chicken Rice In Miri

When it comes to chicken rice in Miri, my biggest gripe is that a lot of the chicken rice outlets do not have nice grinded chilli sauce to go along with the chicken. Some of their chicken taste not bad but their chilli leaves a lot to be desired.

But that has come to an end since I discovered Chef Wong’s Chicken Rice situated at Lot 2023, Jalan MS 1/1, Marina Square 1, Marina Parkcity, Chef Wong’s chicken rice is not only nice but their chilli is great. The chicken with sesame oil plus the chilli is in my opinion the best in Miri among the chicken rice outlets that I have tried so far.

Chef Wong's Chicken Rice

Chef Wong’s Chicken Rice

At almost all other chicken rice outlets, I seldom take the few slices of cucumber that come with the chicken. But I like the cucumber at Chef Wong. They are sliced more thinly and taste great with the sesame oil and chilli.

Chef Wong has opened a second branch just next door to LCP Café in Piasau Commercial Centre. I have become a regular customer at either the Marina Parkcity outlet or the Piasau outlet. The Marina Parkcity outlet is almost always fully packed during lunch time but business at  the Piasau outlet is usually a bit slow.

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