Monthly Archives: December 2015

Juliet Is Going To Be A Mum!

A notice informing the public that Juliet is in nest

I have not been to Piasau Nature Reserve for more than two months. I remember seeing Jimmy and Juliet mating when I visited the reserve on October 19 so I have the sudden urge to visit the reserve this evening to see if anything has evolved from that mating. I was in for a little shock. I used to park ...

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Adele’s 25

Adele's 25

I seldom buy original CDs as they are way too expensive. But once in a blue moon, I allow myself the luxury of forking out RM40 to RM50 for a CD that really caught my fancy. Adele’s third album “25” is one such CD. When I saw the CDs hitting the Speedy Video store in Miri recently, I immediately grabbed ...

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