Monthly Archives: December 2011

Auld Lang Syne (aka O Lan Sai)

In less than half an hour, 2011 will end and Auld Land Syne will fill the air all over the world. “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song. It is traditionally used to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of ...

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All I Want For My Christmas Is My Front Teeth

Barren forest

I remember there is a Christmas song by Agnes Chan that goes something like this: All I want for my Christmas is my two front teeth. Oh yeah, I want my front teeth too. I have lost so many of my upper teeth that it reminds me of some of Sarawak’s forests…barren with only a few trees standing. Barren forest ...

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas so here is wishing each and everyone of you a very happy and blessed Christmas. As you celebrate Christmas, ponder on the true meaning of Christmas. I would like to share with you the following poem:   The True Meaning Of Christmas Jesus Christ was born this day So many years before He came a servant to ...

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Timothy Tiah’s Meme Proposal To Audrey Ooi

Audrey with Timothy holding a poster with the ‘Success Kid’ meme.

Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam proves that his creativity is not restricted to running the hugely popular ad-blogging site Nuffnang of which he is the co-founder. 27-year-old Timothy, aka Fatty, came with his unique idea of proposing to his Malaysian girlfriend, a fellow blogger by the name of Audrey Ooi Feng Ling, while she was having dinner with her friends at ...

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Singapore SMRT Train Breakdown Video Parodies

The recent SMRT’S multiple train disruptions have prompted some Singaporeans to express their frustration through video parodies. After all, Singaporeans love to “play play.” Dee Kosh, a 23-year-old vlogger (video blogger), has attracted a lot of attention for his latest parody video “SMRT Song”on YouTube. Based on the original “YMCA” song by Village People, Dee Kosh’s video was inspired by ...

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UK Top Ten YouTube Videos 2011

Ultimate Dog Tease has garnered over 74million hits

Ultimate Dog Tease featuring a ‘talking’ dog has topped the list of the most-watched videos on YouTube in UK, garnering more than 74 million hits since it was uploaded by klaatu42 on May 1, 2011. The animal is shown being teased by its owner about food and appears to speak English, saying ‘You’re kidding me!’ as he is told that ...

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah Carey with Justin Bieber in the video for their version of hit song "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Christmas mood is in the air. You can’t help hearing Christmas songs wherever you go. One Christmas song that is played more than any other is the Mariah Carey smash All I Want For Christmas Is You. First released in 1994, the classic track has spent more than 50 weeks in the UK Top 40 and sold millions of copies ...

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Be Warned – This Is The Most Intense Taekwondo Fight Ever

The toddler in blue attempting a hilarious back kick

A YouTube video with the title “The most intense taekwondo fight ever” has gone viral, chalking up close to 800,000 hits since it was uploaded 5 days ago. The title suggests a brutal no-holds-barred fight to the finish. So if you are expecting a fight between the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, you are in for a huge ...

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The Aaron Tan Nina Wantyouonly Ryanzxc Gobangwall Saga

Aaron Tan

Singapore has its share of colourful Ah Bengs. One such Ah Beng is now trending scorching hot online and his name is Aaron Tan. 18-year-old Aaron Tan made a video in which he threatens and taunts 14-year-old Ryanzxc Gobangwall for “honging (flirting in Singapore gangster lingo)” his ex-girlfriend, Nina Wantyouonly. The Aaron Tan Nina Wantyouonly Ryanzxc Gobangwall saga has made ...

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