Aftermath Of GE14

Total was RM653.10

Raided a house in a gated community Only to find it empty My haul was quite small Only a plastic container one foot tall. No fancy handbags or gold bars No heavy suitcases or chocolate or expensive cars But heavy was my small haul Took me three hours to count them all. Definitely not worth a trillion Not even worth ...

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My 12 Crypto Days Of Christmas

All I want for my Christmas

On the first day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: A Bitcoin to my wallet On the second day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: 2 Bitcoincash and a Bitcoin to my wallet On the third day of Christmas Satoshi sent to me: 3 DASH coins 2 Bitcoincash and a Bitcoin to my wallet   On the fourth day of ...

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Hey, It’s Just Baby Food!

Breastfeeding Whitney Huntwork

Public breastfeeding has always been controversial. It is a topic that makes people sit up and voice their opinions. There has been many incidents of public outcry against public breastfeeding. But like it or not, the crux of the matter is that it’s just baby food! A lot of mothers believe they have every right to feed their babies wherever ...

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Mrbrown Hits Back at Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

A lot of Singaporeans are up in arms about the way the city state was portrayed in the Cinderella and the Dragon episode of US television series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. I know it’s just a TV show and things should not be taken seriously. But for tv viewers who have never been to Singapore, they will tend to believe what ...

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Lady Luck Smiled On Me Today

Close-up of some of the coins

I just got back to my brother’s house after visiting my father’s grave for Ching Ming. I can hardly contain my excitement at my amazing find earlier this morning. I flew from Miri to Kuching last night and was up early this morning. With my Canon camera in hand, I  took a stroll in my brother’s garden to see if ...

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Speech-To-Text On WhatsApp Can Be Hilarious!

Look for this icon on your smartphone keyboard

I wasn’t aware that there is a speech-to-text function on WhatsApp until my sister informed us about it in our family WhatsApp chat last night. Since then I have given it a try and as long as I pronounce the words correctly, the function really works! Instead of typing or using the audio option, I can use the speech-to-text function ...

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China Girlfriends

When my China girlfriend died a few months into our relationship, I was a bit devastated. She had been such a close companion, one that I cherished as she was particularly special. I soon found a new love, another China girlfriend. She has been with me for over two months. Despite the fact that she has been with me for ...

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