Monthly Archives: March 2016

Breakfast of the Gods

Sarawak laksa

Unique and mesmeric, Tasty and aromatic, Sublime and creamy, Tantalising and spicy.   That’s Sarawak laksa, Crème de la crème of all laksa, A reddish-brown concoction of hot soupy goodness, So tempting with its tint of sourness.   A favourite of Anthony Bourdain, Breakfast of the Gods he ordained, Took to it like a rhino to a mud bath, Inducing ...

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Are You Telling Me To Exercise?

A very old tortoise

We live in a world filled with busyness, A life characterised by physical inactivity and laziness, Everyone says exercise is good for health, And health is often equated with wealth.   Look at the tiny reef fish pygmy goby, Swimming all day seems to be its hobby, Fifty nine days is its lifespan, A life so quickly spent.   Wild ...

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Why Don’t You Leave My Face?

A pimple

The very first time you showed up, I just gave you some rub, I asked my friend what you were, He said you were a zit.   You are a rising issue, For which I need some tissue, You are a pressing matter, Evolving into a small crater.   You have a whole host of names, A tribute to your ...

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Not My Cup Of Tea

Not my cup of tea

Apple polishing in the office, Absolutely not my practice.   Working for a lousy boss, Daily upsets in small dose.   Promises made to be broken, Sounds pretty rotten.   Telling a blatant lie, I would rather die.   Driving with a backseat driver, Drives me needlessly bonker.   Watching Taiwan drama series, I better believe in fairies.   Golf ...

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The Rainbow

Rainbow (Photo credit: Anna Lango

Amazing display of light in a continuous spectrum, A multi-coloured arc that spans the sky, Where the colour array is never random, A dispersion of light in water droplets up high.   God’s covenant of sunshine and peace, A showcase of His grace, His love flows with such ease, Inviting us into His embrace.   Rainbow is the smiling daughter ...

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Indiscriminate Parking & Parking Hogs

Parking Hogs

What annoys me the most in Miri, Are those who park like dimwits, With parking hogs adding to the melee, Mirians are driven to anger fits. Parking hogs are the worst ever, They are not playing by the rules, Reserving parking spots in ways they think are clever, Causing Mirians much parking blues. Business owners shoot themselves in the foot, ...

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Error 20

Error 20

It happened almost a month ago, Error 20 was the fault, Nothing like this has occurred before, A mishap bringing my photographic pursuits to a halt.   To Kuala Lumpur I sent my Canon, The EOS 500D DSLR that has served me many a year, A camera that I have clicked with abandon, A gadget that has become so dear. ...

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If I Were A Billionaire

If I were a billionnaire

If I were a billionaire, What would I do? I definitely won’t put on airs, That would be a boo boo.   With a billion dollars in hand, I have $50,000 a day to spend, And it would take about 50 years, Before I go broke and end up in tears.   On this question I won’t waste my time, ...

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White fluffy clouds

Clouds grey and white, What a beautiful sight, Clouds soft and fluffy, Don’t they look puffy, Clouds lofty and wispy, Water droplets so misty, Clouds billows upon billows, Comfortably soft as pillows. Like sails in the sky, As the wind blows them by, Floating in the atmosphere, So far and yet so near, The sky is nature’s canvas, Capturing clouds ...

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Three Apples That Changed The World

3 apples that changed the world

Apples in the Garden of Eden, Too tempting for Eve even, When the serpent tempted Eve, Mankind came to grief, The apple that Adam ate, Forever sealed mankind’s fate. Newton sat under an apple tree, An apple from the tree dropped free, On Newton’s head it hit, Discovery of gravity arose from it, Millions had seen apples fall, But none ...

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