Ola Bola – You Will Believe Again

Ola Bola

Influenced by the accolades that have been heaped on ‘Ola Bola’, my family and I decided to check out the movie at the TGV Cinema in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall this afternoon. The movie, directed by Chiu Keng Guan whose last movie The Journey raked in RM17 million and set a Malaysian box office record in 2014, is based on ...

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What An Incredible Reunion!

Reunion dinner group (Photo credit William Ting)

The Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang Year 1975-1976 Reunion is now history but it has been etched into the memory of those who made it to the function. I am one of the committee members and I take pride in the post-reunion accolades from the participants. Mr Ong Siang Phiaw, for instance, personally texted me, saying that the reunion ...

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My First Ever Live Interview On RedFM Sarawak

Rosalind & me

At about 10.15am this morning, my handphone rang. Glancing at it, I saw that the caller was Abang Mohd Tosen. He said he was ready to pick me up but I told him I was not ready yet as I had asked him to pick me at around 11.30am. I quickly shut down my laptop and went to change into ...

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Goodbye…..I Have Found Someone New!

Five days have elapsed since I bade farewell to you. I have to be honest with you. It was with a sense of relief that I have finally parted way with you. You have not been good to me. In the beginning, you treated me well and I was beginning to think that you were a godsend. But you revealed ...

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Juliet Is Going To Be A Mum!

A notice informing the public that Juliet is in nest

I have not been to Piasau Nature Reserve for more than two months. I remember seeing Jimmy and Juliet mating when I visited the reserve on October 19 so I have the sudden urge to visit the reserve this evening to see if anything has evolved from that mating. I was in for a little shock. I used to park ...

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Adele’s 25

Adele's 25

I seldom buy original CDs as they are way too expensive. But once in a blue moon, I allow myself the luxury of forking out RM40 to RM50 for a CD that really caught my fancy. Adele’s third album “25” is one such CD. When I saw the CDs hitting the Speedy Video store in Miri recently, I immediately grabbed ...

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Travel Back In Time In Siniawan

The town had awakened

My brother Kiong brought me to Siniawan after picking me from the airport at about 4.00pm yesterday. I have always been enchanted by photos of Siniawan showing its old wooden shophouses, its colourful lanterns and night market. A visit to this small quaint town is something that I have cherished for quite a while. Siniawan looked like a ghost town ...

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A Visit To A Bakam Farm

Close up on some cempedak

I called my brother Chin Tian this morning to find out whether he knows which school one of my Form 6 classmates is attached to. Another college mate Jessie Goh has informed me that the classmate is teaching in Miri. As my brother used to be a school principal in Miri, I thought he may know. Unfortunately my brother does ...

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