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Hello CryptoKitties!


A new technology often gets a game that helps to promote it to the mainstream. Social networks had FarmVille. Mobile phones had Angry Birds. And now blockchains have CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based virtual game that allows players to adopt, raise, breed and trade digital cats using Ethereum-based smart contracts. The game is an extension of society’s obsession with rising ...

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Sedikit-sedikit Lama-lama Jadi Bukit

Saving dime by dime

Sedikit sedikit Lama-lama jadi bukit A little bit over a long period of time Can create a small fortune dime by dime.   Save a nickel save a dime In due course you will find A jar filled to the brim A small fortune beyond your wildest dream.

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Namewee Sings High Pitch Together With Jess Lee


After the phenomenal success of “Stranger in The North” (漂向北方), his duet with Wang Leehom, Namewee is again going viral with “High Pitch Together” (一起飆高音), a duet with Malaysian singer Jess Lee (李佳薇). The video, uploaded to Youtube two days ago, has garnered almost 750,000 views at the time of my writing this short blog article. Stranger in the North, ...

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The Con Man

Con man

He has always hungered for money Throughout his life journey By hook or by crook Nothing is wrong in his book.   He presents himself real well His ulterior motives are difficult to tell Once he knows your Achilles’ heel He exploits your frailty at will.   He is adept at misdirecting suspicion And playing on your emotion For him ...

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Kasotsuka Shojo – The Virtual Currency Girls

Kasotsuka Shojo the Virtual Currency Girls

Japan passed the Virtual Currency Act (Act) in March 2017, making it the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender. It therefore does not come as a surprise that the first cryptocurrency band in the world has emerged from Japan. With crypto-maniac Japanese investors likely sitting on hefty gains, it’s time for celebration and it comes ...

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Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018!

My 60th Birthday

2017 started off on a very somber mood as January 1 2017 was the day of the funeral of my brother-in-law Chieng Yew Kuok. January 11 saw the passing on of Sarawak’s beloved Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Adenan bin Satem. Sarawakians had been pinning their hopes on him to bring much needed change to Sarawak. His untimely passing brought ...

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