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Fair Land Sarawak

Orangutan at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Land of the Hornbills These protected birds we must not kill Land of the headhunters But that was in the days of our long-gone ancestors   Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia The country that prides itself as truly Asia Situated on the island of Borneo Sarawak possesses charm and incredible allure.   Famed for its cultural diversity Natural ...

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The Language of Dying

The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough

I have just finished reading The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough. Even though it is a novella that is only 144 pages long, it took quite a while for me to finish it. I need to put the book aside from time to time to ponder on the harshness of life and human frailty. Here’s how the book opens: ...

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Goodbye Taxi, Hello Uber!


I heard read great reviews about Uber posted on  Facebook by my eldest brother Chin Tian and my secondary school teacher Jay She.  I told myself that I must try out the ride-sharing app as soon as I have the chance. The opportunity came two days ago when I had to fly to Kuching for Ching Ming. I was taking ...

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Lady Luck Smiled On Me Today

Close-up of some of the coins

I just got back to my brother’s house after visiting my father’s grave for Ching Ming. I can hardly contain my excitement at my amazing find earlier this morning. I flew from Miri to Kuching last night and was up early this morning. With my Canon camera in hand, I  took a stroll in my brother’s garden to see if ...

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Follow Your Passion And Cultivate It!

One of Aires' artwork on the wall of Permaisuri Imperial City Mall

Have you noticed the lovely mural artworks in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri? I have been wondering who did the artworks but I got the answer in the January 2 2017 issue of the Borneo Post when the paper’s reporter Cindy Lai did an article about Aries Kong. Yes, Aries was the one commissioned to do the artworks. 25-year-old ...

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Goodbye 2016!

Taken at the wedding of Carissa T'en and Jia Lim

Today is the last day of 2016. As I look back at the year, I am filled with mixed feeling. Someone said that every year, like wine, has its own flavour. I cannot agree more. At times, 2016 was sweet like a Vin Santo Rosso but at other times, it was overwhelming like a Cabernet Sauvignon. The election of Trump ...

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A Small-Town Boy’s Memories Of Binatang

A very old photo of Binatang

I was born in a very small town but for the past 35 years, I have called Miri my home. The small-town boy in me never truly goes away. Time and again, I am caught up in nostalgia whenever I recall my childhood days in Binatang (now known as Bintangor). The recent sale of my dad’s shophouse in Bintangor has ...

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Basic Etiquette On A Plane

Flying etiquette

As AirAsia Flight AK6181 from Miri to Kuching prepared for landing at Kuching International Airport yesterday, the usual reminder about use of hand phones only after the safety belt sign had been switched off was made by one of the cabin crew. I was sitting in a middle seat towards the back portion of the plane and as soon as ...

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A Bird And Its Toy!


Birds are very inquisitive by nature, and they tend to explore everything with their beaks. For many birds, paper is a fun item with which to play. In Kuching this morning, I witnessed a bird playing with a strip of paper. My eldest brother Chin Tian, my third brother Ching Sien and I were on our way back to my ...

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Mom’s 80th Birthday

Mom is such a special word To me mom is the greatest person in the world She brought me into this world And refused to let me go When dad wanted to give me away Because of mom, I am still a Lim I almost drowned when I was a little kid Because of mom, I am still here today ...

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