The Fisherman Wharf Miri

The Fisherman Wharf

The Fisherman Wharf officially opened for business today a week after Tun Dr Mahathir became the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia at age 92. The restaurant is owned by my nephew Terrence Lim, the youngest son of my eldest brother Chin Tian. The restaurant is easy to find as it is situated next to Dr Teo’s Clinic. It offers Malaysian ...

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Container City Miri

Welcome to Container City

Container City commenced business almost 5 months ago amidst a great deal of publicity. Situated along North Yu Seng Road opposite Kingwood Boutique Hotel, it comprises 14 stalls constructed from shipping containers serving a large variety of food including some foreign cuisines. I have been intending to drop by Container City for quite a while but I keep on postponing ...

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Old Bridge Delicatessen

Mr Graham and his menu

I have been to Old Bridge Delicatessen a few times as I like the food there. The café is owned by a Mr Graham, an expat who has been residing in Miri for over 30 years. Located in the row of shops near the Piasau Bridge, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm. The café is not only a ...

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Cross Zebra Crossings At Your Own Risks In Miri

Zebra crossing near Pelita Maybank

When you are about to cross a zebra crossing in Miri, NEVER assume that motorists will give way to you.  You have to be vigilant. Apparently a lot of motorists in Miri have never been taught by their driving instructors that they have to give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings. To such motorists, zebra crossings are akin to something ...

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Cosplay Competition

A dance performance

If you were in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall last Saturday morning, you would have seen Cosplayers performing on stage on the first floor. I arrived at the mall a bit late and I missed the performances of the first two contestants. There were eleven contestants so I only managed to watch the performances of nine of the contestants. The term ...

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The Taste Of Borneo Carnival 2017

Taste of Borneo Carnival 2017 Event Calendar

The culture, craft and food based carnival ‘Taste of Borneo 2017’ commences today at Boulevard Mall’s open car parking compound and will end on Dec 3. Organised by Sarawak Chinese Association in collaboration with Sarawak Islamic Information Centre and multi-cultural and multi religious groups in Miri such as Dayak Association Miri, Sikh Association Miri, Indian Association Miri, Malay Association Miri, ...

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The Best Chicken Rice In Miri

Chef Wong's Chicken Rice

When it comes to chicken rice in Miri, my biggest gripe is that a lot of the chicken rice outlets do not have nice grinded chilli sauce to go along with the chicken. Some of their chicken taste not bad but their chilli leaves a lot to be desired. But that has come to an end since I discovered Chef ...

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60 Minutes Halloween Party

60 Minutes Halloween Party

I was at Imperial Mall Old Wing this afternoon when I realised that the 60 Minutes Halloween Party was about to start. I dashed to my car parked in the basement of the Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, to grab my camera. It was fun watching the zumba dances. The pulsating music really created a great atmosphere for dancing. Below is ...

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RIP Young Man!

Drug addiction

RIP Young Man Another young life snubbed out Years of struggles came to nought Seeking escape from reality Only to meet with futility. The mountain was too tough to climb Drugs took him to hell, disguised as something sublime Like a prisoner in a prisoner cell Like a ship unable to set sail. Drugs destroyed his body Cutting short his ...

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Miss Charity Beauty Pageant Preview

Christine Chua

I happened to be in Permaisuri Imperial City Mall last Sunday afternoon when I heard the MC announced that the Miss Charity Beauty Pageant Preview Show was scheduled to start at 2pm. I quickly went to my car and grabbed my camera. The beauty pageant is organised by Chloe’s Dream Studio. The fashion outfits and eyewear for the show at ...

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