Life Is Great At 60!

Today I turn 60. It seems not that long ago I was still studying at Kai Chung Middle School in Binatang. But six decades of life I have lived so far.

It has been said that life begins at 60. Yes, 60 is the new launchpad year for adventure, opportunity and change.

For turning sixty today, I don’t harbour any regret. The autumn of my life will be a happy one; that I am confident about. 60 is when life is imbued with that wonderful golden glow.

Far from groaning when I reach my 60th birthday, I am filled with an anticipation that the best years of my life are just waiting for me. I am going to celebrate the golden years of my life.

Life is great at 60

Life is great at 60

And I’m not alone in celebrating. According to a study by Andrew Oswald, an economist at Warwick University, people over 60 express the highest levels of satisfaction in their lives so far — as long as they are in good health.

There are three ages: chronological, biological, and psychological. The first is calculated based on our date of birth; the second is determined by the health conditions and the third is how old you feel you are. While we don’t have control over the first, we can take care of our health with good diet and health supplements, exercise and a cheerful attitude. A positive attitude and optimistic thinking can reverse the third age.

The most relaxing and recreating forces are a healthy religious attitude, good sleep, good books and music, creative hobbies and ability to laugh frequently.

I pray every day about many things: my family, my friends, my investments, the less-fortunate, my health, my undertakings, the state of my country and things that touch my heart.

I have good sleep, at night and in the afternoon.

Whenever my eyes are not tired, I love to indulge in reading books.

Music is like a drug for me. It lifts me up and makes me feel relaxed and contented.

I always keep my camera in a cooler box in my car. Whenever I see situations which arouse my interest, I will take out my camera and start shooting. Photography not only allows me to pursue a great pastime but it also helps me do quite a fair bit of walking.

I love humour. Laughter is really the best medicine for my mood. Watching a comedy movie is my idea of having a good time. I laugh frequently at the incredible statements by some of our government politicians and ministers. Laughter is great to maintain a cheerful attitude.

I don’t really exercise but that is something that I may start soon. I enjoy great food but I know that my diet will never be complete without health supplements. And I just love Melaleuca health products. They are without doubt THE BEST in the world. No other company’s products come close to Melaleuca’s!

Education for me is an on-going process. Learning new things will always pay dividends in some way or another. A few years ago, I got interested in cryptocurrencies and have read lots of articles and reports as well as a few books on this topic.  They often say that older people can’t keep up with the younger people on the new things but I am sure I know more about cryptocurrencies than most young people. My interest in cryptocurrencies has paid off handsomely.

I love blogging. It forces me to use my brain. It forces me to do research. It gives me an avenue to put my thoughts in writing. It thrills me to see my blogs’ rankings on I cannot describe my inner joy when I see people from all over the world reading my blog articles. It is something that money cannot buy!

I love travelling though I have not done much travelling in the past 6 decades. So far I have only been to Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. On my bucket list are trips to South Korea, China and Europe. I would love to visit Canada and New Zealand again as they are so beautiful! I often wonder whether the houses that I stayed in while I was studying in Canada are still there today. It would great to visit them again. So at 60, I still have a lot of adventures awaiting me.

Most of us are basically selfish. Whatever we do, we expect something in return. We should try to reach out to others as we can derive a lot of internal satisfaction and joy by doing good to others without expecting anything in return. We may not be wealthy but each of us can do things that can make this world a better place. For the past two decades or so, I have sponsored several impoverished kids through World Vision. It has been a most enriching experience. I intend to continue doing that.

I am sixty. Sixty is just a number. Although age will slow my body, I will live my golden years to the fullest. I pray that my spirit never withers. As I take on new journeys and new routes, I hope to further enrich my life experiences and discover more joys.

Hello 60!


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