RIP Young Man!

RIP Young Man

Drug addiction

Drug addiction

Another young life snubbed out
Years of struggles came to nought
Seeking escape from reality
Only to meet with futility.

The mountain was too tough to climb
Drugs took him to hell, disguised as something sublime
Like a prisoner in a prisoner cell
Like a ship unable to set sail.

Drugs destroyed his body
Cutting short his life journey
He sought for a peace of mind that never materialized
Too late he finally realized.

Drugs in his veins
A life lived in vain
Spiraling into a bottomless abyss
In pursuit of the elusive peace.

Drugs he heard your calls
You turned him stone cold
But he always came back for more
Addiction had taken its toll.

He was a good person inside and out
He just fell in with the wrong crowd
He just wanted some escape and fun
Instead he signed up for a life that became prematurely undone.

His sufferings they had come to an end
But his family’s anguish will take time to mend
The stigma of addiction will taunt them
But rest in peace young man!

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