Sambal Belacan

Sambal belacan

Sambal belacan

It’s the ubiquitous Malay chilli condiment

As a dip it’s a really great complement

No self-respecting Malay home will be without it at dinner time

It’s best taken with a squeeze of lime.


Made from belacan, chillies, shallots, sugar, salt and garlic

It’s a condiment that is everyone’s favourite pick

It adds zest to rice and many a dish

It’s heavenly when taken with grilled fish.


Belacan is dried shrimp paste cake

When roasted it has a pungent smell many people hate

But like durians you will enjoy its taste

For it is truly the best.


Tuck in to the most fiery sambal belacan money can buy

It’s a small price to pay for a legal high

The burning sensation from the chillies

Will make you grimace with pain silly.



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