Missing Cat Named Willow Found After 5 Years

How Willow made the distance of more than 1,600 miles from Broomfield, Colorado, to Manhattan, New York, is still a mystery

A calico cat named Willow that disappeared from her Colorado home five years ago has been found nearly 3,000km away from its home on a Manhattan  street on Wednesday. A man found Willow wandering down East 20th Street and sent her to the Animal Care & Control (ACC) – an animal rescue and shelter in New York City.  A scanner ...

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Webcam 101 For Seniors

Bruce and his wife Esther

An internet newbie elderly couple from northwestern Oregon, struggling to learn how to use a webcam, has become accidental celebrities after a video of them went viral, thanks to their granddaughter who posted the fumbling footage online. ” Webcam 101 for Seniors” featuring Bruce and Esther Huffman has received over 3 million page views since it was uploaded on YouTube ...

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Happy Malaysia Day

The Malaysian flag...Jalur Gemilang (Malay for "Stripes of Glory")

Today is Malaysia Day. To all fellow Malaysians, Happy Malaysia Day! On this day in 1963, the formation of Malaysia which consisted of the Federation of Malaya, Sarawak, North Borneo (which was renamed Sabah) and Singapore was formally promulgated. The formation of the new federation was initially scheduled to take place on June 1, 1963, but was later postponed to ...

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Where Are You, Happy Feet?

Happy Feet on Peka Peka Beach in New Zealand - 3,000 miles north of its native Antarctica

Oh no, we have lost track of Happy Feet! For those of you who have been following the odyssey of Happy Feet, the news about him is not looking too good. After showing up on Peka Peka Beach, north of Wellington on the North Island’s western coast, in New Zealand on June 20 and being nursed back to health by ...

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Samantha Brookes Stuns X Factor Judges And Audience

Samantha Brookes performing on X Factor

On shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, there has been contestants who looked like they were going to be hopeless but had stunned both the judges and the audience  when they opened their mouths and turned out to be really amazing singers. Following one such performance last week by Jade Richards on X Factor, a buxom 31-year-old ...

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Silence Of Love – What A Tearjerking Commercial!

The girl feels ashamed of her mute dad.

A couple of months ago, I watched a very poignant Thai commercial for a Thai life insurance company that really touched my heartstrings. I forgot about it but I came across it again today. I just have to share this commercial with you all.  Thailand has been cranking out commercials that are really  heart-warming. The commercial, “Silence of Love”,  by ...

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My Name Is Feuerman, Carole Feuerman

Artist Carole Feuerman takes six painstaking months to create the stunningly lifelike sculptures

When artists get waxworks right, the results can be so stunning it’s almost impossible to tell them from real people. One such artist is American hyper-realistic sculptor Carole A. Feuerman, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptors. The models created by Carole are so realistic that people sometimes think they’re alive. Looking at some of her ...

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Chimpanzees See Sunlight For First Time In 30 Years

A chimp in one of the Immuno cages where they were kept for years

After three decades in captivity cooped up in tiny cages, starved of natural light and subjected to gruesome hepatitis and HIV experiments in an Austrian laboratory, a group of 38 were finally released to the new £3million Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary near Salzburg, Austria , where they can spend the rest of their lives in peaceful retirement. A television camera ...

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Batmanning – Planking 3.0

Batmanners dressing  up for the shot

The internet craze of planking has evolved into the more dangerous batmanning as fans seek out ever more dangerous thrills. You can forget planking….batmanning is now the latest internet craze. Batmanning calls for a sudden rush of blood to the head. Batmanning, also known as toe hooking, is simply hanging bat-like upside down by feet from walls, ledges, platforms, raised ...

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Rolling Stone’s Readers Poll – Ten Worst Songs Of The 90s

Last week, Rolling Stone asked readers to vote for the worst songs of the 1990s. And now the results are out!  1. Aqua – Barbie Girl Topping the list is Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” The song, written by the Danish dance-pop group Aqua, is an incredibly polarizing song. Hordes of people find the song very offensive for its portrayal of a ...

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